Somfy DIY Tilt Motor for Blinds- Somfy Clever

Does anyone use this retrofit Somfy tilt motor on their blinds… Clever™ Tilt Blind Motorization Kit – DIY Motorization for Blinds by Somfy

My understanding (from their tech support) is that it has it’s own z-wave technology built-in (unlike most other Somfy products that use RTS technology). I’d just like to confirm that it’s possible to integrate into SmartThings WITHOUT a custom device handler.

It’s RTS

Yep, but it also has it’s own z-wave built-in. An RTS signal alone would need to be converted to z-wave with the ZRTS-II device (or the TaHoMa hub) in order to work with SmartThings. I’m unclear if the CLEVER would integrate with ST via it’s z-wave antennae, or via ZRTS-II since I’ll have that technology handling other windows in the house. Also unclear if it’s via Custom Device Handler, or native integration. (Using custom/community developed stuff scares me at this point because we know that Groovy is out-the-door very soon).

What about the Bond bridge?

It isnt zwave certified, so I highly doubt it has a zwave radio in it. It needs on if their bridges (my link or Tahoma). AFAIK the Tahoma bridge is their only cloud to cloud integration with SmartThings. Which sucks, bravado you can only buy it through dealers currently.

Never heard of it. Is it Z-wave RTS-to-Z-Wave conversion bridge?

This is ALL very confusing, but from my understanding (Pls correct me if you see anything wrong):

  • MyLink is just for voice stuff (Alexa and Google Home)
  • TaHoMa hub would be used (in lieu of MyLink) for voice stuff (but ONLY Google Home) and integration to ST.
  • ZRTSI-I and the newer generation ZRTSI-II can handle integration to ST and voice stuff thru Alexa or Goole Home VIA the SmartThings integration.
  • These bullet points relate to Somfy products in general… not necessarily CLEVER.

I think you have it right, but the ZRTS devices aren’t officially supported in SmartThings. There might be a custom Groovy integration for it floating around, but I’d be wary to use it since Groovy is retiring in the future.

btw, if you want a similar device that is z-wave, check out I have one and its been great.

YIKES! Yes, that’s exactly what I want to avoid. But are you certain that ZRTSI isn’t official support? The ST website lists Somfy in the ‘Works with SmartThings’ section

I didn’t think to delve further into whether they mean TaHoMa or ZRTSI

I looked at these and thought they were nice, but I’m doing far more than just tilt blinds… Doing some window roller shades and patio door drapery. Trying to keep to one environment with the technologies if possible. That will hopefully avoid hassles later. This is too expensive of a project to take chances.

Click the Somfy brand and it will show you their devices. Unfortunately the devils in the details and you have to check the specific model.

FWIW, I use iBlinds for horizontal blinds, Ikea Tradfri for roller shades and Zemismart zigbee curtain rail for patio curtains. All connected direct to SmartThings hub.

@Automated_House , I got an absolute ear-full by speaking w Somfy tech support today. I had it all wrong… MyLink and TaHoma are the same thing- Like a Gen 1 (MyLink) and a Gen 2 (TaHoma). MyLink is being phased out completely.
MyLink: 16 channels, capable of 16 scenes.
TaHoma: 40 channels capable of 40 scenes.

You were correct- TaHoma is the one that ST works natively with, no Groovy involved.TaHoma is Zigbee

ZRTSI: Converts RTS to ZWave. Theoretically it works w ST as a ZWave device, but like a light switch… either on or off (meaning the shades would be either fully opened or fully closed- nothing in between).

Somfy Clever is an RTS motor with its own ZWave embedded. You can integrate as RTS (via TaHoma), or directly via ZWave- however it might need a custom handler. Since TaHoma is supported by ST, that would be the choice way to go.

Before today, I was sure that I would be purchasing ZRTSI, but it turns out that would have been a mistake.

What a mess! No wonder they require a dealer to figure out the majority of their product lineup :joy: