[OBSOLETE] Sunricher Wall Mounted buttons / Wall Switch(es)

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. I created a Device Handler for Sunricher Wall mounted buttons. See here: Intelligent Dimmable LED Driver, Controller, Dimmer For Smart Home & Building

I created this DH whilst using the: SR-ZV9001K8-DIM. But it should work with all of the same range

To get this to work:

  1. Pair with ST as normal
  2. Once Paired very quickly press the first two buttons and then the “configure button” in the device page in the app. You may need to repeat this step a few times. You’ll know when it has worked because if you go to the “recently” section of the device in the app, when you press a button it should report it there. If it doesn’t report it the configuration has not gone through

The code of the DH is here:

Hi Adam,
Sorry for using the wrong thread previously.

Yes, you’ve correctly noted that your DH is for “Z-Wave Secondary Controller”, whilst the product that I have is the slightly different “Z-wave Touch Panel Secondary Controller”.

Which explains why I didn’t really understand the instructions about the first 2 buttons.

What happens with the device when you press the 1st two buttons? Perhaps there is an equivalent on the touch panel version?
I don’t mind taking your code and modifying it to work with my device (and publishing it if it ever works), I’m a developer by trade (java, not groovy, but it’s all just code), but figuring out how to interact with z-wave devices is all a bit new to me. Did you find a spec somewhere that explained about the 2 button press, or did you find it by experimentation?

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Ok, so I’ve had a look at your device manual.

The equivalent will be something like this:

“> click the
“Inclusion/Exclusion” key on the back of the slave controller (or press and hold down the switch key ) -> LED indicator
on the salve controller turns on”

But it may take a bit of fiddling.


There will be no equivalent because I noted that your device is a powered device. This means it may not need this procedure at all, as it may not sleep like battery devices do.

Once you do get the configuration working - you may find that touching the S buttons or RGBW buttons comes up as a button press… it may not as well even if the configuration is correct. This is because my code is specifically looking for the central scene numbers that correspond to buttons on the wall controller. Also, My code is not looking at all for the RGBW information from your wheel - so you’ll definitely have to code that.

If you go to live logging in the IDE - if the configuration has been accepted by the device when you press a button you should get this information show up:

keyAttributes: XX
sceneNumber: XX

If they come up then the configuration has worked - then you’ll just need to do the job of identifying what has been tapped on the controller, and sending an event to the system to recognize it.

Hope that helps

I’ll have a play tomorrow, it might mean firing up my laptop as my dev machine is upstairs and the switch might be out of range of the hub if I bring it up here (and running back and forth will take me ages).

In an earlier post there was questions to if anyone had information to the device at this link: https://www.tronika.no/no/zwave-kontrollere/1003-veggkontroller-zwc-k8.html

This seems to me to be much the same device as the one you have made this DH to.

I tried to add it, and at first it worked when only one dimmer (fibaro dimmer 2) was set up to one of the channels (tried configuring with id and sub id eg: 27/2). Later after adding one more everything turned disco.
Not sure if this is how it should be used.
Now nothing happens when i push anything - BUT i gets 0% battery warning every now and then, the funnt thing is that it sends a 0% and a 100% value with aprox 10 sec between.

When adding this DH it gives a “main controller” to smartthings, and when i click on it it shows 4 child devices, but im unsure to how to use this in a practically manner…


This DH is designed such that the device talks to the hub - NOT directly to a device. This is deliberate, because if you are sending all the channel info to the hub, then the hub can decide what to do with it. This is way more powerful than assigning a device to a channel. The only tricky thing is to ensure that you send the configuration to the controller at the right time such that it holds. Also you will need to use a rule maker (like core or smart lighting etc) in order to assign actions to button clicks

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Do you know if it`s possible to use this with SR-ZV9001T4-Dim??