Heat-it z-push button 2 & smartthings

I bought a z-wave device from Heatiit (nice look that fits the schneider exxact frame), with the hope that it could work, however I have not been able to find a device handler that works.

Has anyone tried this device with more success?

Model number?

This model:

It looks very similar to the “Sunricher” model:

Is it the right radio frequency for your region/hub?

Hi, yes, it is the European frequency

You might try this one.

Tried it but unfortunately no success. It does not show any channels

A bit late, but I have created a device handler for this. Not testet for fingerprint, but it is tested and works. Tell me if you are interested in a copy.

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Could you post the link to the device handler?


I would like a link too!

Also interested!

Can you specify more exacty what was not working.
The physical button or the button in the DH.
From webCoRE or any other Smartapp or routine.

I use the one with 8 buttons and it works both with webCoRE and associations.
Never tried an ything else.

Hi there
I’ve attempted to use the DH for 8 button (4x2) version.
I was able to publish the DH and include the device in the Z-Wave network. Fine so far.

However, using the (android) Classic app and hub v2 (2015), I’m able to observe (in the app) scene number-signals from the device corresponding to the physical buttons, but the app in itself does not show 8-buttons nor does it respond to any input.

Edit: Device cannot trig routines or SmartApps.

I’ve tried changing to various DH-‘types’ other than the deafault ‘Z-Wave device’ using the IDE but obviously that wont work.


Jeg kjøpte en slik i dag. Kan du PLEASE gi meg Device-handler - link? I så fall er du HELT genial :slight_smile:


Hei Kristian

Det er ikke mulig å sende kode i meldingene her, så jeg trenger en epost.
Send en epost til ivarsand@gmail.com

Jeg luker fortsatt ut feil, og trenger raw description på 2 knapps varianten

DU finner den inne IDE når du ser på devicet.

Raw Description
zw:Ss type:1801 mfr:0330 prod:0300 model:A305 ver:1.26 zwv:5.03 lib:03 cc:5E,55,98,9F,6C sec:86,85,8E,70,5B,59,72,5A,73,80,84,7A secOut:26 role:04 ff:9600 ui:9600

Hvis du gir meg de verdiene, så kan jeg også få den til å automatisk velge den DHen vedr inkludering.

Mvh Ivar

Genialt. Mail sendt!


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