[OBSOLETE] Revogi - Smart Power Strip


I bought a Smart Power Strip from Revogi on Touch of Modern (https://www.touchofmodern.com/sales/revogi-899699f6-7a8c-484a-b851-65d21a25b7f8/smart-power-strip), I think it’s one of their older product…

Anyhow I thought I’ll integrate it with SmartThings, the devices and app can be found here: https://github.com/zzarbi/smartthings/tree/master/revogi

You need to know the IP of the device, since SmartHub doesn’t do UDP packet… but it works pretty well although the feedback from the device is pretty slow. Now I can turn every single piece of my “Home theater” on/off while tracking amount of energy used.

hopefully this is useful to someone else!


The link to the code is gone, can you provide it?

The Devices type:

The Smartapp:

PS: I Bought a Aeon Smartstrip which is way more stable, the Revogi device kept disconnecting from my Wifi network and I would have to reset it every 2days