Zigbee/WiFi power strip on KickStarter

So I signed up as a backer, but I don’t know if it will be able to do what I’m hoping it will. The creator seems to be planning on this power strip potentially being the a HA hub. What I’d like to see is for it to be a Thing. This would be perfect for my “valet” area were I have all my little devices and chargers for things like my phone, watch, BT headset, BT speakers, etc. The early bird special is $99 and give you a strip with 4 independently switched sockets. That’s not a bad price.

If I can set this up as a thing that SmartThings can see and turn on/off so that I can setup rules (for example, I’d only turn on my headset charger from 6:00pm-6:00am, the times it would be on the charger. My phone charger would only turn on from 6:00pm to 10:00pm (after that it would be on a charger upstairs by my bed), while my BT speakers would probably just turn on an hour or so a day to keep it “topped off” as I don’t use it very often.)

The big question is: Will this work in this way? I’ve already brought up the idea of working with SmartThings to the creator and he said he’ll look into it, but we’ll see what happens.

I don’t see why this shouldn’t just work as a Thing in the SmartThings realm. If it is truly Zigbee HA it should. I can reach out to the project creator as well.Plus now I am a backer too and want that thing for $25/socket :slight_smile:

Not to hijack the topic, but here is another similar option once ST gets local IP access:


I have v4 of this device and would definitely recommend it. The Vera has a plugin to support the Web Switch but I am going to migrate this device over to ST as soon as I can.

I’m in with Ben!

... want that thing for $25/socket

That’s my thinking. $25 per socket ain’t bad.


How have talks gone with this project? Does it look likely that this strip will be able to be controlled directly by SmartThings?

I have spoken with the project owner and they have ordered a SmartThings kit to use in integration. No timelines yet but should be straightforward.


Probably … iff the HA protocol is used. I would like a confirmation.

Update #3 today (12/5) says “… can be compatible with SmartThings.”
(Choice of Version …)
10 Days and $35K remain to fund it.
I am sure more info will be coming.

Just wanted to bump this thread. There’s 7 hours left in this campaign. As pmsmaker posted above, this strip WILL be SmartThings compatible. They have reached their goal so it’s a go. Still 27 slots left for the $99 reward, which is a 4 port power strip, each spot can be turned on/off independently. Plus there are two USB ports on the strip. I believe these will be “always on” through.

Just be aware that that $99 slots are US only. If you need a non-US socket (EU, UK, AU/NZ, etc.) you need to back one of the higher tiers.

Wait… you mean there are people who live outside of the US? Weird…

How about the 3x $5000.00 partner backers. I am feeling good. Wonder if SmartThings kicked in?