Aeon smartstrip device type

Here is my device type for this . Created from a modified stock device type with the following changes

  • lgk add polling and refresh ,
  • add update fx, fix overall power usage to not show in exponential
  • fix last outlet to change color correctly for on / off
  • add labels so you can name each switch
  • fix last switch which will not change color.
  • currently need to use ver 2.07 off app at least on android as 2.08 has a bug with labels being all
  • screwed up below the fold.
  • want a whole width label.
  • change scale to 2 for smaller tiles, but for some strange reason had to put blank tile
  • on the end of the label otherwise it screws up and puts weird stuff there.

as mentioned above, I would like to be able to make the label the full width but here is a bug in the andoid app version. When I make the labels to be width 6 it looks like this

In addition, at least on android you will have to use version 2.0.7 ( the last version) as version 2.0.8 screws up alignment, color and text when part of the device type comes up below the fold. I have reported this issue and they know about it. Maybe I will attempt to fix it again when version 2.0.9 comes out.


nice work. Any way to make it let you use each outlets power usage to trigger actions? I can for the whole strip but not outlet by outlet

trying to find a way but so far no

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I’m trying to figure out how to use the device type and app by @cooperglee so I can control the individual outlets with RM.

look here
Continuing the discussion from Zwave Power Strip from AEON:

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Thanks, I was trying to create the smart app from code but was getting errors, finally got it running installed manually.

I modified cooperlee version with labels for each outlet, but still had the two unswitchable outlets listed since I like to see their power usage as well. Your version with the two outlets and overall power, sw7 I believe, would be optimal, is that something you can make option to display in the edit options for it or something? And yes using 2.08 on Android is horrible. But I need the ability to organize devices in rooms over it looking pretty. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for this version though, I’m slowing learning how groovey works with this all these variations!

Point me to his version and.I will.look at getting power usage for the other two.outlets. but there is no way to make it an option as you cannot have dynamic tiles.

Thanks for checking it out. I used his app and device type to get the virtual switches setup but I’m still not really sure how best to implement all this. This device is far more complex than others I’ve used at this point.

new version:

added power and energy readings for unswitched outlets…
added labels for unswitched outlets.
add reset and refresh to also work on unswitched outlets
added overall switch temp. tile.