[OBSOLETE] Professional smart home monitoring for security and smoke alarms with Noonlight

Because it’s about time that we had more choices, more control, and tighter integrations for professional 3rd party DIY alarm monitoring! A version of this post originally appeared on the Konnected news blog.

Your smart home gets even smarter today with the introduction of 24/7 professional monitoring with Noonlight. Now your SmartThings powered smart home can automatically contact a UL certified, professionally staffed, U.S. based monitoring center whenever a security or smoke/fire emergency is detected. Noonlight agents can dispatch first responders to your home within minutes of an alarm in all 50 U.S. states. The best part is that there are no long-term contracts, no phone line needed, no additional hardware needed, and it only costs $9.99 per month after a one-month free trial!

Smart Home meets Smart Monitoring

Don’t play the game of 20 questions in an emergency. When a Noonlight alarm is triggered, we share vital data from your smart home devices with first responders. Noonlight receives detailed information from all of the smart home devices that you authorize, including door/window sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors, CO detectors, presence sensors, temperature sensors and more. This enables certified Noonlight dispatchers to determine the nature of the emergency, know if anybody is home*, and send the right help quickly.

Works with All of your Smart Home Devices

Other monitoring services only work their own brand of sensors, forcing you to shell out hundreds for new sensors and devices even if you already have perfectly good ones. With Noonlight and Konnected, we embrace the essence of DIY and guarantee compatibility with all of your favorite devices. Noonlight integrates directly with SmartThings and works with any device or automation that works with ST.

Built by Konnected; Powered by Noonlight

Konnected and Noonlight have teamed up to provide you the best possible smart home monitoring service at the lowest cost in the industry. Our native open-source integration with SmartThings keeps you in control. It’s built with the quality, support and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from Konnected and backed by the years of experience and infrastructure of Noonlight. Sign up and get started in minutes – we won’t even ask for your credit card information until your one-month trial is up!

Install & Connect Noonlight now to get started →

Note: Konnected is NOT engaged in the business of alarm system monitoring or sales of monitoring services. We’ve simply created the software and integrations to make it work!

False Alarm? Phew! No problem.

Noonlight is never upset about a false alarm because it means you’re OK. We understand that smart home systems are not perfect and false alarms do happen. When you first connect Noonlight, you’ll be asked to create a 4-digit PIN. Remember this number! When an alarm is triggered a certified Noonlight dispatcher will text and call you right away. If it’s a false alarm, just provide your PIN and that’s it. If Noonlight can’t get ahold of you, or if you’re able to confirm the emergency, they’ll send help to your home right away.

Sign Up In Minutes to Protect Your Home & Family

Remember, there’s no additional hardware to buy, nothing to hook up or plug in, and no commitments whatsoever. Getting started with Noonlight and SmartThings only takes a few minutes and involves installing the open-source SmartApp and a two-minute sign-up flow.

Install & Connect Noonlight now to get started →

Seamless SmartThings Integration

We’ve built the Noonlight SmartApp to work seamlessly with SmartThings in both the new SmartThings app and SmartThings Classic. Connect Noonlight to Smart Home Monitor to trigger an alarm when an intrusion or smoke is detected. Noonlight also appears as a switch in SmartThings that can be switched on using any Routine, Scene, automation or SmartApp including popular 3rd-party apps like WebCoRE, ActionTiles, IFTTT, Alexa and Google Home. With Noonlight integrated with your smart home, help is only a button push, voice command, or automated trigger away.

Home Assistant integration is in the works and will be available soon!

May Qualify for Home Insurance Discounts

Some home insurance providers offer discounts for professionally monitored alarm and fire safety systems. Noonlight is a UL Certified central station and can provide a certificate for your insurance company upon request. Chat with a Noonlight support representative at http://help.noonlight.com

About Noonlight

Noonlight (formerly SafeTrek) was founded in 2013 as a personal safety app for iOS and Android. Since then, Noonlight has redefined the way we think about personal safety and security, enabling the connected devices that we use every day to help keep us safe and automatically call for help in an emergency.

Get Started Now

Reference our step by step installation and setup guide below to install and Connect Noonlight to SmartThings:

Konnected + Noonlight Frequently Asked Questions
Installing Noonlight for SmartThings
Set up the Noonlight SmartApp
Set your Precise Home Location
Trigger Noonlight from Smart Home Monitor

See the SmartApp & Device Handler on GitHub

* Noonlight is in the process of rolling out Smart Home aware context to its support agents. Until fully rolled out, Noonlight agents will confirm the nature of the emergency and who is home when they contact you.

What are your thoughts?

This is brand new and I’ve worked hard to make this the most seamless experience possible while keeping you in total control over how Noonlight receives an alarm trigger. Please share your thoughts, comments and questions here. I’m happy to help!

Thanks for reading!
Nate Clark
Founder, Konnected Inc.


Just curious on the monthly fee. Is $9.99 for Konnected or for Noonlight. My understanding is Noonlight has $2.99 monthly fee.

There is no monthly fee for Konnected at all. Konnected earns revenue from sales of our alarm panel hardware and accessories.

Noonlight’s fee is $9.99 per month for smart home security and smoke/fire monitoring and is billed directly by Noonlight. The $2.99/mo fee that you’re seeing elsewhere is for Noonlight’s personal safety mobile app only. If you subscribe to Noonlight’s smart home monitoring service, you can also use your subscription for their personal safety mobile app – but not the other way around.

Thanks for the response! Do you happen to know if the $9.99 per month for smart home security covers all users using Noonlight personal safety app or just for a single user?

I believe an account is tied to a phone number, so if you wanted the personal safety app on two separate phones, I think it would bill you separately. I don’t work for Noonlight though, so to be sure you might want to ask them: http://help.noonlight.com

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Based on all of the info I have scanned over it looks like the integration is triggered by the siren device being triggered is that correct.

The reason I ask is because this may allow the ADT ST panel to be used with there monitoring as well. The smartapp “ADT Tools” allows for use of external monitors based on alarm triggers. If that works as a standard siren alarm device tham it should be possible to use ADT tools to tell Noon of an system event.

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Yes, that’s correct. Noonlight shows up as a switch in SmartThings. It can be triggered as a siren or just a regular on/off switch. This means that any automation, SmartApp, scene or routine can activate it. Basically anything that can turn on a light can turn on Noonlight.
I’m not familiar with ADT Tools but sounds like it’ll work.

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I.e. this sounds like a cheaper and easier-to-use version of the Scout monitoring whether you have Konnected panels or not which is pretty awesome. Thanks Nate.


Based on what you stated. It should 100% work. The child apps that handle the ADT alert integration with smart things devices can activate a siren, flash lights or simply turn them on. How is clearing the alarm handled. Would the switch need to be turned off once the alarm is cleared. I already have the code clear the ST sirens when the ADT alarm is cleared.

This would be a little bit more the 50% off ADT monitoring for that DIY system as well.

You have to talk or text with the Noonlight dispatcher to clear the alarm. The Noonlight virtual switch can only be turned on from SmartThings. Once Noonlight clears the alarm on their side, the switch will automatically turn off within a few seconds.

We’ve implemented it this way to be “better safe than sorry”.


Hey Nate, I am very excited for this! What is your plan for Konnected via Home Assistant and Noonlight? I am moving in October and this is looking like the ultimate stack for me at the moment. Keep up the great work! - Matt

This looks like an excellent integration.

The one thing that I think is very important for people to know who are considering this is that it is running as a custom smartapp. That means it can only function when the Internet is working and the smartthings cloud is available. A cloud outage for any reason, including platform maintenance, means that noonlight would not get An alarm if the sensor triggered.

Note that this is very different from the ADT/SmartThings security panel, Which has its own power backup and cellular communications to reach the central monitoring station even if the power and Internet are out.

I would be surprised if many insurance companies will give you a discount without cellular communications to the central monitoring station, but they may.

In any case, choice is good, and it’s good to have additional options, but people should be aware that even with the central monitoring from the noon light center, this is not really a competitor to the purpose built security systems that have cellular communications and internal power backup. Of course that’s true of the Scout alarm integration as well: it’s the underlying SmartThings platform which has the limitations.


Konnected already works great with Home Assistant. I’ll be implementing a functionally similar integration with Noonlight and Home Assistant over the next month or so. The architecture and configuration/setup will obviously be different because Home Assistant is very different, but functionally it will work the same way.

@JDRoberts You’re absolutely right. This depends on internet access and the SmartThings cloud to work. So does Konnected and all other custom SmartApps and Device Handlers.

All security systems have vulnerabilities and weak points. There are good ways to mitigate power failures and internet outages, but nothing is 100% fail proof.

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@heythisisnate there was a thread created by @SGrayban in the hubitat forum stating that it would soon be possible to have this monitoring feature available with a hubitat hub.

It appears as though that thread has since been deleted entirely (I posted in it at one point), and @SGrayban has been suspended from that forum til 8/27.

But in other (unrelated) threads he was publicly attacking one of the lead staff, so it’s hard to say whether the suspension and the Noonlight thread being deleted are related.

Can you comment on a forthcoming Hubitat integration? Thanks!

We are working on a Hubitat integration for Konnected and Noonlight, yes!


OMG, yes, +1 for the Hubitat integration!!!

Is there a way to manually add my street address for Noonlight? My SmartThings location is as precise as I can get it, but Google does not have all of the houses on my street accurately listed, so it is impossible to have the reverse geocoder get my street address right. I do not want Noonlight sending police to one of my neighbors if there is an emergency!

Not at this time but I will be adding this in a future update. It’s been requested a few times.