FAQ: 2021 Central Alarm Monitoring?

Here we are in 20…21. Has Samsung yet arranged a partnership with any company that can perform centralized monitoring of a SmartThings-enabled security system?

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: no, and they appear to have dropped support for the partnership they did have with ADT, while ADT has gone on to buy another company, now called ADT Blue, to act as their DIY line.

Even longer answer: Smartthings is still primarily a cloud-based system and too unreliable to be of interest to most security partners. The dual logo ADT system was an attempt to address the deficiencies by creating unique hardware that would be able to use a cellular communications module to the monitoring center as well as operate locally to arm and disarm. But it’s not really enough to compete with Ring and Abode in the low cost tier. So I just don’t think it’s ever going to happen, at least with the current architecture.

Alternative: if you are OK with the limitations of the cloud-based architecture, and understand that you cannot get any notifications at all, even on your own phone, unless the Internet is available and the smartthings cloud is working, then there is a custom integration with Noonlight which is worth looking at. There is a monthly subscription fee, and again, you can only get notifications sent to the monitoring center if the cloud is working, but there is a monitoring center. Quite a few community members have combined it with Konnected.io to add inexpensive hardwired sensors into their system. but you can also use it just with the regular smartthings devices.

Different people are looking for different things. If you want a real security system, this isn’t it. But if you just want to do convenience monitoring with the advantage of a professional center, it’s a good candidate.

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Ring Alarm is pretty darn good and an easy install. If they would allow a direct integration between ST, it would be dang near perfect! There are ways to combine the two via Alexa and/or IFTTT.

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Thank you, JDR.
I am comfortable with the quality of mesh wifi system across the property and was looking for a simple, central monitoring solution for “away” moments that would recognize our many third party devices.

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Thanks, Ron. Let’s see if Samsung can figure a way to make this work. Sometimes I wish for another industry sale/merger/acquisition.

the thing with central monitoring, you do get some false alarms from your system form time to time, so they should call you (or 1-2 other backups) before they call the police as in most cities you only get one ‘freebee’ then it can cost you upwards of $200 per false alarm. also, alarm calls are not priority response calls. something you can do to help with false alarms is stage motion detectors cady-corner across form each other so that both motion detectors need to detect motion to trigger an alarm.

Thank you. Yes, we are familiar with how the monitoring usually works - have certainly dealt with false alarms. This is really about trying to determine if we can connect to our other products and ST devices in this application. Central Monitoring is more of a requirement than a benefit.

i dont see it happening today or tomorrow or even next week, but maybe down the line somewhere. someone will come up with something, but amazon wont be happy once they get wind of it. the letters will go out.