[Obsolete] Lowe’s Coupons - not updated anymore -

UPDATE: April 9, 2018

I m withdrawing the coupon generator for now.

If you need coupons, please go to


Thanks, it started working after a 10 minute wait.

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Just a quick thanks for this tool. I usually go through the (somewhat) laborious task of generating a code, but this was dead easy. My new favorite activity is always ordering online and picking up in store on my way home from work anything I need from Lowes.

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Quick question, how do I save this for future use? Do I bookmark this thread? Do I bookmark the page it opened? What do I need to do? Thanks

Just bookmark the google doc would be the easiest way

Wow! This is awesome! I am so used to making my own and today I couldn’t get a valid code…Did some googling and it brought me here. Worked on 1st try. Thanks!!!

This is the single greatest invention of man, aside maybe from the blender. :smiley:



How do you work this thing… I have a big Lowes purchase coming up

Instructions are in the first post, there’s not much to it.

I guess I don’t have the same 1st post…
There are no instructions
Something about Google Sheets … This sheet is private

Just tap on the This sheet is private link.

The first post is a link to a google spreadsheet with the coupon codes. It also says “just copy/paste” in the first post. That’s it.

If you notice, for some of these coupons, many items are priced just out of reach… $49.99, $74.99 $99.99 making you buy just 1 more item for your coupon to work… Well here it is, a $0.06 nut! Hope this helps some of you!






So here is a question. I spoke with a Rep about items in the store not showing up on the website. I asked if I could use a coupon code at the store since this was the case. They said that they would apply it to an item in the store at the customer desk. SO here is the question…If I grab a code off this tool would it still be valid by the time I get to the store. In other words is the randomness based on time and date so that you will NEVER get the same code show up twice

The codes are NOT time based. However there in no guarantee that somebody else will not have used the code by the time you get to the store.
There are links in the other Lowe’s discount thread to Slickdeals and also bar code generators for in store use. The same issue is still that a code that is valid now, may have already been used by somebody else by the time you get to in store checkout.

Short answer:
unfortunately, some coupon can show up twice.

Long answer:
the randomness is only made possible by an Excel formula (=47000&TEXT(RANDBETWEEN(0,55000),“00000”)).
So unfortunately, it is possible that the coupon you choose for your in store purchase had showen up before. Especialy at the end of the month. They ll renew their “master code” next week i guess.

Maybe you can bring more than one?

I’d say have a full cart on your phone and have a few spare codes with you, then try one code on the mobile cart right before checking out. Hopefully in the minute or so between testing it and checking out, it’s not used.

how are you presenting the code in store? Are they accepting you just providing the numbers without the coupon?

Well I was going to do the self checkout and have a barcode of the number on a piece of paper. An in this case maybe multiple That would be cool of the spreadsheet also had the bar code so you could just scan it once you have generated it