$15 off $50+ at Lowes Coupon Code

Like and Follow this facebook page and they will send you a $15 off coupon code for Lowes.

Careful, there have been a slew of Facebook coupon scams recently

Not a scam. I sent you the code I got Glen. It is valid but I’m not going to use it before it expires on 5/16/17 so you can have it.

$15off$50 are < a dime a dozen, there is a thread in this forum dedicated to them. Anybody can take < 2 minutes and create their own by following the simple directions in that thread. Why would anybody sign up for a spam group to get one ?


OK, I’m an idiot…we all knew that already lol

Somehow, I tried, but I can’t figure out the ‘formula’.
Any chance you’d be willing to either send me a few 15 off 50 codes, or give me a quick tutorial?

I was just about to buy some things on Lowe’s, and it would really be cool to have codes for a couple different purchases.

See OP above

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I am hoping to avoid the sign-up, and just get a couple codes.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Seems like a fair exchange. The old give take and take method.

If I can get a discount code for absolutely free, and it’s completely legit, and no bunnies are harmed in the process, why would i pay for it?

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Good luck.

Check the Lowe’s coupon thread, I ( and several others) have posted very exact instructions on where to get the current date & amount codes as well as link to the check digit generator to create valid codes.

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Thanks. I have seen that thread, but when I looked at it before, it seemed more like a discussion than a set of specific instructions.

I will take another look, but if you can point to a specific post in the thread, I’d really appreciate it (i.e. seems like a lot to sift through, and I don’t have time right now to dedicate to reading through it all…slow reader).

Ok…here’s part of the problem with this whole thing…

The info that you just posted is…well…just that…info…NOT instructions.

Continuing to toss ‘information’ out without instructions is not very helpful for any of us that have actually asked for INSTRUCTIONS.

To be clear, your info is appreciated, and I definitely understand (and can relate with) the example story you used to put it all in context. It’s just NOT instructions.

You have now been frustrated for 10 days when all you had to do was like a Facebook page.

I’m not sure if you were referring to me, but in my case, not true.
Thanks though. :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s cause I wrote the instructions, but seems pretty clear to me. But I’ll add a bit more to the breakdown and maybe it will make sense. The “instructions” are after the story.

47000R then any 4 numbers xxxx then current code 4 numbers.
R used to be 0-9, looks like it’s been changed to 0-4. So 47000 R(0-4) xxxx(any 4 numbers) 7122(whatever current 4 digit code is active, look on Slickdeals)

Ex 47000®(xxxx)7122
Ex 47000(4)(7241)7122
No ( ) of course
That gives you, 47000472417122

Plug that number into a bulk check digit calculator like

It will output the correct last digit so u don’t have to keep trying 0-9 until you get the right one.

Ex 470004724171225 (note, working code at time of posting)

Couple more:


Thanks for these codes, I was able to use them. :smile:

when you posted the first instructions, it took me a lot of trial and error, but I got it eventually. This one clears it a little bit more. Thanks.

Although you’ve mentioned it on both occasions, I easily missed, even with careful reading that basically you input a 14digit code and get a 15digit code as a result of using morovia.com. The 15 digit code is the one you use on Lowes.

Similary, when looking for the “active” code on slickdeals get the numbers from the 11th to 14th digits - morovia.com will add in the 15th digit. I mistakenly took the 12th-15th. Hope this helps people trying to figure it out.

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Hi can you give me two $15 off $50 codes. Thank u!