I have Lowes price script that works now!if any one interested


I have lowes price checker 2020 working on Lowes.com and wondering if someone here has experience where can I get online coupons or generator that still works?

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I use to generate my own codes but can no longer find the key codes to do it. Where can I get the price checker script?

This might be taboo, but I just buy a code on ebay for 99 cents. Saves me a lot of time and trouble.


There is no online coupons available, all coupons for in-store

And the price checker?

@Elonasaa21 Can you share the price checker script?

Any update @Elonasaa21?

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Also looking for a working price checker script, if anyone is willing to share.

I haven’t found any working online codes in several months. My local stores still accept printed coupons off eBay or the 10% moving coupons. Sometimes you can get customer service or the Pro Desk to place your online orders instore using a 10% coupon or Pro Desk bulk discount, in case that helps.

does it still work mine is down?

I want this. Is it possible to PM on this website?