RIP Renovopower

Due to recent media coverage about counterfeit coupons Renovopower will no longer provide coupons codes.

The way I see it is that the counterfeit coupons were being sold as legit and they were not,
Renovopower is not selling anything. Only providing access to a tool. Lowes is well aware of the site. If they had a problem with it they would have had it shut down a long time ago.
If anyone here is an attorney and can advise on the legality of code generators and/or providing/using working codes not provided by the retailer it may help get things turned back on.

I missed the boat on this coupon. Sounds like an interesting story. What happened?

A cpl outfits out west got busted for counterfeiting grocery coupons. Millions of $$ coupons were sold. Manufacturers accepted the bogus coupons without issue. The problems is they were selling these coupons for profit. Renovopower gave away discount codes for purchases. Really they just provided access to a tool that generated codes. The site itself did not provide codes.
The code generators algorithm shouldn’t be to hard for the brain trust on this forum to crack.

There are plenty of technical ways to restrict the use of coupons. My guess is Lowes changed the coupon code system or started to restrict the use of codes. They have clamped down recently on the per store price trick.

What recent media coverage? The only article I found was 4 years ago.


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I just used renovopower to purchase some Levalor blinds 2 days ago and it saved me $30.00. What a shame and I will be going to Lowe’s less now.

Just used it yesterday. Bummer though.

Yep, guess I won’t be shopping at Lowes any more, Home Depot is much easier to get to for me.

People always take the advantage of the system. Anyway, can you please send me few codes for $15 off $50. Thanks.

If you have a code you know did work, you can try adding or subtracting 99997 or 100007 to/from it. If a “new code” you generate using this method says it was already used, take the new number and perform the same operation again (addition or subtraction) with either of these values.

For $15 off $50
You can use this code: 47000RRRRR4982R. Replace R with random numbers. You may have to try a few times. Of course, YMMV. I tried it and it worked for me.

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Can anyone provide insight into how to calculate the last digit of the code? It is some sort of check digit? And how did RenovoPower almost always provide codes that hadn’t been used before?


Would love to know if anyone has figured this check digit part out also??

I have it working as you stated by trying 0-9 on the last digit and almost always get a working unused code.

I have this working in a jsfiddle and intend on setting up a webpage with it when done for people to use.

Figured it out. Thank you!


Can you post the math for the check digit?