[OBSOLETE] Leviton Decora Z-Wave Plus Dimmers (DZ6HD & DZ1KD)

@cariacou This seems to point to some slight instability with your Z-Wave network or connectivity to SmartThings cloud. The DTH is currently setup to perform a health check every 32 minutes. If SmartThings (cloud) doesn’t hear back from the device in time, it’ll declare it unavailable.

On the one hand, I suggest you check your Z-Wave devices topology and the placement of your SmartThings hub to see if you can move the hub to a more central location or add a repeater. A Z-Wave network repair may help too. On the other hand, I’ve also read that the “Health Check” capability for 3rd party DTH is not mature and thus un-documented. So I’ve pushed an update to disable it for now. Feel free to give it a try.

Jason would you be able to add the dimmer arrows for the dimmer right on the button for turning on/off the light. The pic below is from a GE dimmer with a custom DH. Also big thanks for creating this DH it has been working well for me.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Added it to the latest version.

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Awesome thanks for adding it!

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@jasonxh, Leviton has a non-dimmer version as well, DZ15S (handles motor loads as well for ceiling fans).

How hard would it be to create a DTH for it based on your current one?
I created one for myself by stripping all the dimming functions, but I’m not too sure how to find the parameters such as “Load Type”

This is what I was able to pull from the device:
fingerprint mfr:“001D”, prod:“3401”, model:“0001”, deviceJoinName: “Leviton Decora Z-Wave Plus 15A Dimmer DZ15S”

Another question:
I really liked the slider you had previously to the up/down arrows. Would it be possible to have both?
The up/down arrows are very useful, however don’t give the precision of control that the slider did (1% steps). Not sure how to make that look nice, maybe a vertical scroll bar next to the arrows?

Thank you

The dimmer DH will work exactly the same for the switch with the exception of no dimming capability. I have both the switches and dimmers using the same DH and all functioning properly. I still can set all the additional options like load type and led settings.

The slider was removed by Smartthings, this was not part of the device handler. That actually is the original reason I was asking about the arrows. You can still click on the dimmed percentage to bring up the new dimmer option that Smartthings implemented. I also did notice it is only in 10% increments and not 1%, not sure if this is hard to change or possible.

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I would be concerned about using it that way. I could not find any official documents documenting the API commands to confirm the programming is the same.
I wouldn’t feel comfortable for example using a motor load (ceiling fan) while programming the switch for LED load type. I’m no electrician but I wouldn’t be surprised if that could create issues.
Using the DZ6HD DTH for a different device would bring you the same GUI interface, but nothing guarantees that setting the LED load type actually does that unfortunately.

I’d be happy to look into it and make the appropriate changes. @jasonxh, how did you find the load type settings? was there any documents you used?

The load type would need to be on the default setting for a motor load anyways, so I would not touch that.

You really should not need to change any settings anyways for a switch, even if load type is not change the switch will functioning properly on the default setting.

Edit: Either way if you or Jason want to add a second handler that would be greatly appreciated also.

Does anyone know how to adjust the companion switches? My companion switches don’t turn off the dimmer LED when the switch is turned off. This makes the main and companion switches different when they are in the same location.

@mjlewis you should be able to find documentation on the z-wave parameters in the device specifications. It’s included in the box, or you can search for its PDF version online. Let me know how it goes with adapting the dth to the switch. I can probably find sometime over the next week to look into it if needed.

@nellering this was a known issue when I started working on this dth. Unfortunately I don’t have an add-on switch to debug it. Not sure what events are triggered by the add-on switch, if any. Might be helpful if you collect and send me some live logging from the dimmer when you press on the add-on switch.

@mjlewis here’s the manual for DZ15S. It has only one configurable option “Locator LED Status”. Looks like it may be sufficiently different from the dimmer. Have you tried the stock generic z-wave switch? Any functional issues other than not being able to configure that option?

I pushed an update earlier today to make the level increment configurable. Cheers.


I am trying to use this device handler. When I try to configure any of the device parameters I get an error message that says “Please fill out all required fields”. I have tried leaving the fields I don’t care about empty and I have also tried filling in every single option and still get this message that won’t let me save them.

Anyone else have this issue?

The only required field is the in-app level increment. It should have been filled with 10 by default. Did you clear it out?

That is filled out and I even tried re-filling it out just in case. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, it just will not save!

I guess I can try to fill out the information in IDE, just scared to break something…

EDIT: Interesting. I modified your device handler and changed the “levelIncrement” required to false and now it seems to work fine. I checked in IDE and it set the levelIncrement to 10, loadType to LED and presetLevel to 100 which is what I expected to see. Not sure why it was freaking out when it was set to required…

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That’s weird. It works fine on my Android phone. Seems like a app issue. Anyway, I’ve pushed a change to make it not required. Thanks for reporting the issue.

Yea I can’t explain the reason behind this issue. I am also using an Android Phone. I am running a Pixel on Android 8 with the latest SmartThings app. Maybe Android 8 has something to do with it.

At any rate, thanks for all your work in this DH!

Good evening Jason:

I loaded this handler to a Leviton DZMX1 dimmer and it worked. I later removed it until asking you. I like the added interface features of low, med, high, and the In-App increment level. Certainly the load type (incandescent, CFL, and LED) controls may cause some incompatibility. With that said, could the code just be simply re-written to remove those features and make it compatible?

Also, after a day after installing the handler, the status of TURNINGON and TURNINGOFF would not go to ON and OFF respectively. After removing the handler, it went into an “Unavailable” status which apparently is an issue with this dimmer. I removed, did a factory reset, reinstall to the network, and to your device handler. After a few hours, no “Unavailable” yet and will see as time goes by. Any insight from you would be helpful and thanks in advance for your reply.

I am on an Android phone and I, too, am getting that error when I try to edit the settings for the device with this device handler. I started just changing the icon but it said that the fields were not all filled out so I tried setting them all.

I also notice that even though I have the “levelIndicatorTimeout” set to 255 (because I would like it on all the time), it shows up as 3 in the Current States but in the preferences, it is set to 255. It seems as if no matter what value I use, 3 shows up.