[OBSOLETE] Jasco/GE Z-Wave Plus On/Off Switch With Double-Tap Scenes

This is based on the nuttytree DTH. Instead of using double tap to create associations, you specify on/off scenes to execute instead, which is much more customizable.


  1. Log onto the SmartThings IDE
  2. Select “My Device Handlers”
  3. Click “Settings” and select “Add new repository”
    • Owner “kounoupis”, Name “SmartThings”, Branch “master”
  4. Add you Smarthings rest API oauth key in line 282:
    state.oauth_token = "<Replace with smartthings oauth key>
  5. You can assign scenes for double-tap up/down using scene ids. To find your scene ids follow the instructions here:


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This is an interesting way to implement this. Way not implement the double tap as a button capability that can be used any way you want with Automations in the app?

Because I do not know how and I find the documentation leaving a lot to be desired for :slight_smile:

Could you point me to a working example please?

You can probably take a look at how Inovelli did it with their switches, they basically create another device (on/off) to handle scenes.

that would be a good place to start

but it doesn’t look like they have created a custom UI yet to display the dimmer and button controls together. You’ll need the CLI for that