Minoston Z wave switch - Double Tap supposed to "send scene" not working

I just got a Z-wave smart switch made by Minoston (search amazon for “Z-Wave Plus ms10z”). One of the neat features is that you can double tap the on button and it executes “scene 1”, and double tap the off button and it executes “scene 2”. That is an awesome feature. So I install it and pair it with my samsung smartthings hub, and the regular on and off functions work fine (both locally and via ST), but I don’t see where to set up the double tap scene feature (example: define the scene, set which scene corresponds to double tapping the on button). I tried pairing in ST app as a generic Z-wave switch, and also as the manufacturer specific Minoston smart switch (yes, Minoston is listed in ST).

I emailed Minoston and they said:
“About the scene function, usually it can be setted in the hub. We checked that SmartThings and Wink are not make this open for users.”

I asked on reddit HomeAutomation and they said to check over here. So I searched around ST community and found NuttyTree’s custom DTH. Also, it appears STDevMan made one for GE 14287 Z-Wave Plus 3-Speed Fan Control With Double Tap

Can I use either one of these (or another option) to replace the DTH for the Minoston switch to get the double tap functionality? My switch is NOT GE brand, NOT a dimmer, and NOT for a fan. It’s simply and on/off rocker switch - if that matters.
(I’ve dealt with custom DTH once before, but only to create virtual switches to have ST control something only Alexa can see).
Thanks for the help!

None of the native SmartThings z-wave switch handlers provide double tap/scene functions. You will need a custom DTH from the manufacturer to expose them.

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But does it have to be from the actual manfuacturer? What about NuttyTree’s DTH? or is that specifically tied to the GE/Jasco model.

you’re right, it doesn’t technically need to be from the manufacturer. I’m not sure it the GE/Jasco version will work or not. Depends on what z-wave command classes they use. A Zooz handler may get you closer since I think they share the manufacturer. But firmware could be different. If Minoston can’t properly support their own device, then that’s probably not a good sign.

If you’re using a DTH written for another device that has settings you could potentially brick the device if any of the configuration parameters overlap.

That’s unlikely and if it does happen you can easily fix it by factory resetting the device, but it’s something to be aware of…

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Their official custom DTH should be posted by early next week…


“Kevin the Community Master” gave me a preview of the custom DTH.
I installed the custom DTH, then I removed the switches from my zwave network and re-joined (quite easy). THE NEW DTH WORKS! YAY!
Apparently the DTH has the capability to use the “toggle” functionality as well. But I am not using that, and didn’t test it. I just use the single tap up is on, single tap down is off. Double tap up is turning off 2 lights, double tap down is turning off 2 lights. And it all works as expected. My only complaint is that it takes a bit of time to execute the double tap command, but that’s not anything to do with the custom DTH written by Kevin.
I’ll leave it up to krlaframboise to make the official posting of the custom DTH.


Any word on an official DTH? Im currently experimenting with a generic Z-wave dimmer DTH, which works. Except Im trying to sort out how to get the switch to go to full brightness when its turned on instead of to the previous dim value. So many of these behave that way, and I simply dont understand why. Sorry if this is borderline threadjacking. Not my intention.

The manufacturer is still reviewing it so I can’t create a topic for it, but it’s in my GitHub Repository and I’ll PM you the link.

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thanks! Its interesting though, Ive been in contact with Minoston about these and they said they will ‘now work on a DTH’ for them. But that may be a DTH to solve my specific issue, which Im not sure if they one you’ll send will actually fix.

I just re-read your post and it looks like you’re referring to the Z-wave In-Wall Dimmer and this topic is for the Switch.

The dimmer DTH is basically the same as the switch handler except with dimmer related stuff added to it so I’m waiting for the manufacturer to sign off on the switch handler before completing the dimmer handler so I probably won’t have that posted until the end of the week…

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