[OBSOLETE] Jasco/GE Z-Wave Plus On/Off Switch (14291) With Double-Tap and Associations

I have 2 of the older style Plus dimmers that do not have the double-tap feature or the extra association groups. I did talk to Jasco tech support and they are not going to release a firmware update (which I don’t understand being able to upgrade the firmware is listed as one of the features of the Plus models). Apparently there were about 1000 of the older switches manufactured before they switched over. The second one I got from Amazon about 2 weeks ago was still the old version but Jasco said if you order from them they will be the new style. Once I start working on the DTH for the dimmer (I have a couple on order from Jasco) I will have it check and only enable the double-tap functions if the switch is capable. The settings will have the associations regardless because settings can’t be dynamic.

I was able to reproduce the issue with joining using one of my dimmer switches. It took a while but I finally tracked the issue down to a missing .format() on the end of one of the z-wave commands in the configure() command. Code is updated in GitHub.

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Awesome! Thanks Chris.

I have made another update to the code I also changed the name in GitHub so make sure you grab the correct one (I updated the link in the initial post). The major update is the fingerprints, I grabbed the model numbers for all 6 variations of the switch and I added the firmware version so the older versions of these switches (without the double-tap and associations capability) won’t use this DTH.

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Chris, just an FYI, I know you tested on a dimmer, but I just tested on my new z-wave plus switch and it worked like a charm.


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Hey guys - not to hijack the thread, but I’m trying to build an association group for two of these zwave plus switches so that turning on one will turn on the other. I see where to enter it in the smartthings app, but I am having a hard time figuring out what ID to put in. I tried the smartthings network ID (e.g. “05”) but that doesn’t seem to work. Any advice?

Update - never mind, this started working eventually. I guess I should have rebuilt the network or something.

@iridris discovered a bug with button presses in my DTH for the dimmer version of this switch. The same bug existed in this DTH. I have fixed the issue in both DTH’s and updated the code in GitHub.

I’ve only seen it mentioned with older dimmer firmware but I have the non-dimmer on/off switch with firmware 5.07. Looks like I may need 5.20 for associations.

I knew about the older version of the dimmers because I have some. But I also discovered when getting the fingerprints for the on/off switches that there are older versions of those that also don’t have the extra capabilities.

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I installed this switch last night and everything was working really well every time I tested.

Has anyone used the newer switches that support double-tap with the GE Add-On Switch (12723)? I’d like to know if the Add-On sends that double-tap command properly.

I have not tried this yet but I am also curious if it works or not.

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Unfortunately, in my testing, it only works on the z-wave plus device. The add on switch responds immediately to the single click, so the double Tap will not work. The z-wave plus device still works as expected in a 3 or 4 way set up, but the add on switch just will not respond that way. Unless I’m missing something in the configuration, which I don’t think I am.

I only have the z-wave plus switch though. Maybe the dimmer devices are different.

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Thanks for the update. That would’ve been my guess. I sent in a ticket to Jasco asking the same thing, but they’ve yet to respond.

My experience with Jasco is you are best off calling them, they take forever to get back to you on tickets submitted online.

I can confirm that double tap using add-on switches works with the new zwave plus dimmer switch (14294) and the older add-on switches (12723). My setup is with one Zwave Plus and two add-on switches for a four-way switch.

Link to the zwave plus model (14294) I bought a few weeks ago

Link to the zwave add-on model (12723) that I bought about a year ago.


This is great news, thanks for the confirmation.

Just to be clear, you’re using the double-tap funcionality that the DTH from this thread exposes as a button, correct?

I want to make sure we’re talking about that and not the Double Tap smart app.

Correct. Using the device handler in the code linked to this thread (not the code at the top because there is a dimmer version) for the switch I want to double tap from. Under the setting/config for that switch is where the double tap is configured.


Direct link to the dimmer version: https://github.com/nuttytree/Nutty-SmartThings/tree/master/devicetypes/nuttytree

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Chris - Would you consider making a device handler for the non zwave plus switches and dimmers? I really like how you have all the options exposed and the cleaner UI.

I did create one for the dimmers that has all of the parameters available under settings available here Device Handler for GE Dimmer Switches with Settings for All Options. When I designed the plus DTH’s I decided I didn’t like the limitations of the settings page and moved the options out to the main page. I have been considering re-doing the non-plus DTH with this design but haven’t gotten to it. I have been very busy with work the last couple of weeks, and expect to be for another 2-4 weeks but I will try to get this done after that.

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Thanks again. Much appreciated.