Trying to use care pendant from Iris

Hello , Im new here to Smart Things and i crossed over from iris. My question is that i have elderly parents and i put this system in their home as well. I purchased the button from lowes Iris care pendant ant got it to pair with ST.I would like it to send a push notification, or phone call when button is pressed. Thanks for any input

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Hi @ladams1,

You can use Rule Machine or the SmartApp called “Button Controller” from Marketplace under the More section. At the very end of the configuration of the app are the options for Push and/or SMS messages. You can also provide a custom message.

There is also a SmartApp called “Notify Me When…” (I think that’s the name) that does what the name specifies :wink:

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Thank you, I am like a kid in a candy store!

LOL, yeah I know what you mean… I have 242 devices now, but I think I have my addiction under control now…

I just put installed the button controller and ran a test run and i am not getting a response. i put in a message that i would like it to say as well as sms and push notification. I have it as Type Simulated Button on the API Smart things site. do i need to change the type?

Have you seen what @mitchp pond has developed for this device? This discussion has the proper device handler to use.

I don’t have the pendant, but I do have a few of the Iris buttons using Mitch’s code. I just installed and tested the Button Controller app, and I received both a push and SMS message. The app was a bit flaky, but it does work for me.

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Can you please walk me through step by step instructions on how to set it up in github.

Hi @ladams1, you don’t need to set up anything in github, you just need to copy the code from Mitch into your own device handler in the IDE.

Step by step instructions for creating your own device handler (also known as device type) can be found here:

Go to the section titled “Using a Custom Device Type”.

In step 1, copy all the code from here:

Once you save the code, make sure to also click on “Publish -> For Me” before changing the device to use what you just created.

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I have a setup like this. I’m using the Iris Care Pendant code referenced above for the device handler, and I have a Rule Machine rule (well, trigger) that sends a push notification to my phone when the button is pressed. Works a treat. Now if I could only get my mom to remember to put it around her neck every morning. :confounded:

Sorry But i am green and new to smart things i am logged into
is this not the right site for me to paste the script?. I can see on this site where it says my devices but cannot find device type. Please advise, Thanks. also do i copy the entire page or do i skip the copy write info?

“Device type” is the same thing as “device handler.”

Hi @ladams1,

You’ll see in the link I provided above in the wiki where it talks about the developer’s section of the SmartThings website, which is here: (sign in with the same info you use for the phone app)

I highly recommend getting use to that site - also known as the IDE. That’s where you’ll do a lot of debugging, monitoring event logs, and other ST management items.

That’s where you’ll find My Device Handlers (along the top) and where to create your own for devices ST doesn’t yet have created, like the Iris pendant.

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Thanks and I think i got it.I will have to check it out when i get back from taking the wife out for Valentine’s. Thanks Again and you all have been Great!

Anytime @ladams1, that’s what this community is all about. Enjoy Valentine’s with the wife! We just got back and meeting up with friends, so time for me to head out too.

I do have it and i selected the Iris care pendant. I went to the market place and Safety and security, then notify me when.installed it and Button pushed and held, Care pendant that i named,message text as well as sms.Still no alert text or sms. Please advise. Thanks

Instead of using the notify me app, go to the Marketplace, scroll down to More, and select Button Controller. That will work. You just need to set up button 1 even though it walks you through all 4 buttons during setup. That’s exactly the process I have used and tested.

Finally Got it. My Pendant was Acting up. Thanks again for everything

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