[OBSOLETE] Iris Care Pendant 3455L (2nd generation)

ok here is the raw description of the single white button

01 0104 0006 00 07 0000 0001 0003 0007 0020 0402 0B05 03 0003 0006 0019

There’s a thread for the single button now and device type by Mitch. Post 35 has code link (links to Mitch’s GitHub)

Just got this Iris pendant and it works great with Mitch’s code! I can’t wait for it to be updated with the “held” capability.

Hello, I have the above mentioned Pendant and Smart Button to use as a device to notify me in case of emergency for my parents. Can you please walk me through step by step instructions on how to set it up in github. Thanks and i am a newby.

Thank you yet again, mitchp, for your device handler for the care pendant. Although intended for “care” call button in case of personal need or medical need, I’m using it as my “panic” button to immediately set off my siren (and later I might try making a script / IFTTT to call 911 or someone else).

ladams1 – I didn’t follow the scripting thing, but just getting the device handler installed is easy:
(1) In another web browser window, go to your SmartThings system management page https://graph.api.smartthings.com/, log in using the same email & pwd as you use for your SmartThings app, and click into the My Device Handlers tab.
(2) Click the green “+ Create New Device Handler” button and then (very important) click on the “From Code” tab. You’ll now have a window into which to paste code.
(3) Back on the web browser window for this discussion, click into the above code link for “show original” (I prefer right-click & open in new window),
(4) Click the “Raw” button on that page so you see the code without line numbers,
(5) Ctrl-A to select all that code at once (or you could click/drag-select it all) and then Ctrl-C to copy it all (or maybe right-click over the selected text & Copy), & go to the text/code edit/entry box on your SmartThings system page and Paste (Ctrl-P is the shortcut for paste, but right-click & Paste works well, too). The code should now appear in your edit box.
(6) Click the “Create” button underneath the edit box.
(7) Once created you need to then pick the button above the code to “Publish” it to (via drop-down menu) “For Me”
(8) Now you are ready to use your SmartThings app to add the new device. Start the app, using the Marketplace section, and click to add a new device so it starts searching.
(9) Then and only then (not before), you can insert the battery in the Iris Care Button to activate it (and put the lid on it) and lo-and-behold within a minute or so SmartThings will find it and walk you through the process of configuring it.

HOWEVER, if you had previously powered-up the Care Button or if for any other reason it failed to be added properly every before you may need to figure out how to reset the button first so it can initialize all over again when you insert the battery. Refer to or ask for other people’s instructions if you need that or need to remove a device handler if it got mangled.

Also, I leave it to others to explain how to use advanced tools beyond just ordinary SmartThings app functions with it (e.g., IFTTT, place a phone call if that’s possible, etc.).

For the Iris Smart Button, go to the other discussion for that and link to its different device handler code, but you’d use it the same way.

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Looking forward to your next update as I currently have this setup and I’m finding that my mother is accidentally pressing the button regularly, this defeats the purpose entirely.

I’m looking into learning groovy and developing however time is an issue. Can I contribute to your efforts in some way to get this done?

Sorry to revive an old thread, I will be in the need of using one of these soon for my mother. So I am looking for any updates about reliability?

I have the white square lowes smart button . It is very much hit and miss due to the battery design. Is this one more reliable?

Nope, still junk. The one I did purchase eats batteries at a rate of about 6 weeks each. You’re better off with the Iris fob.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll look into the FOB.

Does this have Held ability yet?

You did better than I did Steve. The battery that came with mine lasted about two weeks. We will see what a fresh battery does.

Second battery lasted just over a week. Also it would never report proper battery state, fist battery stayed at 77%, second 55%. Looking at Lowes web site apparently there are similar battery life issues with all of Iris battery powered button devices. Going to try the Aeon Labs DSA38 panic button.

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Used the above steps and got the fob to “pair” however it errored our with a generic “something went wrong” message on the configuration step. Now it shows up simply as “Thing” and cannot be configured or renamed.

Anybody now why I get this error when using Mitchpond’s code:

No signature of method: script_app_metadata_2ca790e1_c4ee_434a_9fd3_bd05aeb0d174.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script_app_metadata_2ca790e1_c4ee_434a_9fd3_bd05aeb0d174$_run_closure1) values: [script_app_metadata_2ca790e1_c4ee_434a_9fd3_bd05aeb0d174$_run_closure1@77f2e7ce] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

I know this is almost a year later but… this is just in case any new comers might run into the same issue. The reason for the error is because the codes were pasted on the “My SmartApps” rather than at the “My Device Handlers” I just got the Red Pendant as i tried both places using Mitch codes and also received the same error.

I am using Mitch’s code for the Iris care pendant. Has anyone got the battery status working?

Where am I putting the code information from Mitch? I am a newbie and don’t know where to even put the information. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you