[OBSOLETE] Improved Fibaro Button DH

Checkout Flic https://flic.io
They connect to your phone via bluetooth, work with IFTTT very well. I have one by my bedside to control my Hue Lights as well as a few others. They are currently developing a Hub to allow the buttons to work without the phone. I have created my own hub using a Raspberry Pi3 but that’s advanced and was difficult to do.

Also check out this thread.

I don’t like the Fibaro Buttons because they have a major design flaw that makes them stop working after a small amount of usage. I have reported this issue to the manufacturer and have been told they are working on a redesign to address the flaw, I am supposed to get a test copy of the device when they are released so I will report back if the new design has addressed the issue or not.

I recently purchased this button which is actually 4 buttons. I like it a lot and it has been working very well for me.

Aeotech makes great devices. I have their minimote which has 4 buttons and it works great. They make a panic button which seems perfect for what you are looking for. I don’t own one and have never tested. So can’t really say but I would bet they work well.

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