[OBSOLETE] Hue (Re)Connect - with scene handling

Hi Folks,

I just added scene handling on my fork of HueConnect SmartApp. This will allow you to create a push button for each scene you want to trigger from smartthings.

Get the scenes:

The scene device:


How to install

Remove all your existing bulbs / and HueConnect SmartApp.

Then create a new smartapp in IDE from code and also add each devices type you can find under HueDevices folder.


  • This application will not list the stock scenes (who want then after all).

TIPS: On the hue application when you create a new scene, trigger it once, and also trigger the off button on the left when you click on the scene (where you can also change the luminosity). Then you can add it to smarthtings using the smartApp. This will allow you to turn off the scene from smartthings as well :slight_smile: (When you manually trigger the Off button on the Hue application this will generate a hidden scene to turn of the current scene). This can be done after you added the scene as well.

Have fun!



@CyrilPeponnet you have literally made my week, im going to share this post to a topic i made about wanting hue scenes

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The power of ST is in the hands of its ingenious community members who open doors as soon as they are ulocked! This is ST at its best…Great work and thanks for sharing!


Shut the front door! For Reals?! Must. Install. NOW!

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Do I need to uninstall the hue hub and then reconnect using this app?

When I install it, it finds my hub, my bulbs, and my scenes… Even the deleted scenes… But when I click done, It gives me the red unexpected error message.

Did you deploy all the devices as well? If it’s the case, just paste the logs here.

And regarding the deleted scenes that’s normal because you can’t remove scenes from the hub… See my readme for more explanations.

I removed all my bulbs, bridge and connect smart app. Then installed your new app and device types. Discovered my bridge, imported lights and scenes. All worked okay.

EXCEPT - when I turn a light on, nothing happens.

Any ideas? Need help!

Same logs could be helpfull.

I got it working. Saw in the logs there was some errors, so I re-created the smart app. Seems to be working now.

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If you can paste me the logs it could help to understand and even fix an issue I missed.

It was how i copy/pasted the code into the IDE.

I’ll send you the logs on mine when I get home. At work now

a7236c9b-c7f1-4a12-ad97-ec15ef6d618b 11:45:19 AM: error physicalgraph.app.exception.UnknownDeviceTypeException: Device type ‘Hue Bridge’ in namespace ‘smartthings’ not found. @ line 465
a7236c9b-c7f1-4a12-ad97-ec15ef6d618b 11:45:19 AM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=0
a7236c9b-c7f1-4a12-ad97-ec15ef6d618b 11:45:19 AM: debug Initializing
a7236c9b-c7f1-4a12-ad97-ec15ef6d618b 11:45:19 AM: trace Installed with settings: [selectedBulbs:[a7236c9b-c7f1-4a12-ad97-ec15ef6d618b/38, a7236c9b-c7f1-4a12-ad97-ec15ef6d618b/37], selectedHue:0017881290EA, selectedScenes:[a7236c9b-c7f1-4a12-ad97-ec15ef6d618b/264b4ce43-on-0]]

You need to add all the Devices types form there:


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Yeah, I realized I forgot to do that… It’s working now.

So, using this can I just set up a virtual switch to have echo change the bulb color?

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You can trigger scene from whatever you want as it create a switch/push button. This is not meant to change bulbs color, this is meant to launch a Hue Scene (which is almost the same in fact).

I also found that when installing bulbs you cannot install more than 20 at one time. You must add 20 first and then if you have more, go back to the SmartApp to add the rest or it will error out.

Ok, so I create a scene called “the mood”.
The app now sees these scenes as bulbs.
I give echo rights to the scene “bulb”.
I then say, “Alexa, turn on the mood”.
Alexa should then turn on the vs and the scene changes?
I can’t experiment right now cause I’m at work, so I appreciate your time.

Also, this is what my app sees now… The hue connect sees the scenes as bulbs. I have only 4 bulbs, the other 44 are scenes.
The are now two versions of the hue app. Is that right? Hue connect, & hue reconnect.