One button to set a common scene in every room defined in Hue?

Click a button named “Dimmed” in the ST app, and ST will set every room defined in the Philips Hue app to the scene named “Dimmed”, if it exists.

Users should be able to add a button for every named scene in the Hue app.

Oddly enough, even the Hue app requires you to set each room individually, which is just ridiculous. I can do it through IFTTT, but it requires an applet for every room, and every applet has to be updated if you modify the scenes in the Hue app. And, it’s laggy.

I just want a single button somewhere that sets the scene of every room to “Dimmed” (or “Normal”, “Movie”, “Nightlight”, etc.).

Unfortunately, I believe the only way that SmartThings has access to the scenes created in the native Hue app is through IFTTT. There is no direct access to them. SmartThings also doesn’t know how the hue bridge defines rooms.

People do create their own scenes in various different ways, including with core, but that isn’t the same thing, I know.

Just remembered, if you have a harmony hub, you could use it as the middleman rather than IFTTT, and it should have less lag. But it’s still very clunky.

Been thinking about getting a Harmony hub eventually, but I created custom Anymote remotes and macros that work through an old Note 3 and IFTTT, although that is also clunky. I’m hoping to eventually click one button and have switches, entertainment center, lights, etc all switch to a predefined state (actually, I’m hoping to “say” one command to Google Home or do it with geofencing, etc.)

Being new to HA, I figured this state or scene manipulation for many devices with one command was elementary and would have been adopted years ago…but surprisingly it’s still clunky and overly complicated to do.

There are many systems where it is pretty easy to do, but SmartThings just has never provided a real rules engine in the official features. It’s a very versatile, very flexible system, but not very intuitive.

Since you have a technical background I would definitely take a look at Core. You can certainly have one button control many different devices at once. That’s not a problem. The problem is how do you set up that rule. And right now Core is going to give you the most options. But I believe you will have to select The devices individually rather than importing existing Hue scenes.

Couldn’t this be done with a virtual momentary button. If button is pressed, turn on and set level of lights a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,… to XX% ? Provided every light is dimmable of course.
Set up a button for each room, button for whole house etc.

Sure, but I believe the OP’s issue is the amount of work it would take to set all of that up when it’s already been done for the existing hue scenes in the hue app.

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I never use the native Hue app except to set up new devices. None of the included Hue scenes ever made sense to me.

JD is correct. With the Hue app, you can set all of the lights in a room to any state, color, and brightness you want, and then save that as a named scene for that room. So for example, if I want to set my entire house (4 rooms) to a scene named “Nightlight”, I create a scene with that name for each applicable room. I can then either set each room individually to that scene in the Hue app (GRRRRR), or say “Hey Google, switch lighting to nightlight”. Google Home then talks to 4 different IFTTT applets (4 rooms), each of which sets the scene for one room in Hue.

It works, but is laggy and is a PITA to manage. For one thing, you can’t edit an existing scene in the Hue app…you have to delete the old one and re-save it. This causes some internal ID to change, so the IFTTT applet gets confused and can sometimes no longer see that scene, even though it has the same name. To fix it, you have to edit the IFTTT applet and reselect the new scene from the list.

I’m just starting my first SmartThings app, so it’s going to be some time before I can accomplish anything. But it seems that an experienced developer could tap into the named Hue scenes through the API (I assume), and set any that match a name variable in a ST app.

To complicate matters somewhat, I also have a few switches that control things along with the Hue lights for each scene. For example, I have a WeMo switch that my PC monitor is plugged into. So with one voice command (“Ok Google, good night”), I am controlling 4 Hue lights, a WeMo outlet (PC monitor), a WeMo switch (porch light), and sending notifications to an old Note 3 to trigger Anymote to shutdown the entertainment system.

It works… but there has to be an easier way. :smile:

Take a look at this:

Ask follow on questions about that smartapp in that thread and people there will be able to help you.

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Alexa could help with this. Create an Alexa group called ‘Dimdum’ (or whatever) that is a slightly different name than anything else in Hue. Put all your ‘Dimmed’ room scenes in that group. Say “Alexa, turn on Dimdum” and voila!

It might lag for a moment, but that lag will be shorter than virtually any other solution. And it has the benefit that you can easily include non-hue lights in those groups if you have any, as well as any SmartThings routine that excludes non-Alexa compatible devices.