Philips Hue - 2017

Hi guys,

Excuse me if this is easily covered, but it’s been a while since I updated the way SmartThings works in my app - I have the V2 Hue hub and originally just added it with the native SmartThings support - I then used the original smartapp on here which pulled in scenes with momentary push buttons for each and haven’t changed from that.

Since then Philips released their new iOS app and the entire new way scenes worked which are faster (and now I have different scenes) - I saw someone had done a smartapp for the “v2 scenes” months ago but I didn’t get around to installing it.

So simply if I was to remove the current smartapp and implementations I’ve got and re-add Hue - whats the best way to do it now and get scenes in? Is there official implementation for this now?