Phillips Hue - Scene Triggering?

As Logitech Harmony users will now know, the capability to trigger “Hue Scenes” was added recently, so that you can press a button on your Harmony Remote and trigger your pre defined scenes from within the Phillips Hue App (Which makes sense as the phillips hue app handles light scenes fairly well) - So great work harmony!

As all the above users will know, the logitech team lacks logic in everything they do, so they havnt made it possible to add these triggers into activities (This deaming it useless to SmartThings) - Oh bad workkkk harmomy, you was so close to a bit of posative feedback aswell!

Soooooo the question appears:

Can we tap into the same capabilities Harmomy did with the SmartThings/Hue integration, to open up the scenes aspect of their app and more so triggering them scenes from SmartThings, be it with routines or virtual switches etc

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Longer answer? Sign up for the Hue API (it’s free) and the documentation will be available.

The question will be… How should “Hue Scenes” be represented in SmartThings… More Child Devices which are Virtual Momentary Buttons?

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This legend has cracked it !!! @CyrilPeponnet