False Motions


I’ve got a Hue Outdoor Motion sensor integrated into smart things and I’m trying to use it when motion is triggered it sends a notification. However short false motion events (not sure if its nothing or seeing leaves or something) is triggering it almost constantly. i tried using the ‘motion duration’ in the new app, but all that seems to do is delay the notification but its sorta helped a little. can anyone help me figure a way to fix this before the thing drives me crazy?

I have a hue outdoor motion sensor and I had to turn the sensitivity down as low as it would go in the hue app. I couldn’t find an easy way of integrating it with smartthings, but I didn’t try connecting it directly…I’m sorry I know this doesn’t help you but I just wanted to share how sensitive it is for me and I’m also curious as to how you connected it, are you using custom device handlers?

Yeah a custom DH

I had to change the model from 001 to 002 for the outdoor one which is what i have too but it works good
Only issue i have with it is it has low meduim and high sensitivity and low is too low and medium is too high