[OBSOLETE] Hue Dimmer Switch DTH (No Hue bridge) rewritten

I’ve rewritten Hue Dimmer Switch DTH (No Hue bridge) based on Ikea Button DTH and Stephen McLaughlin’s DTH.

It supports Pressed and Held event for each of 4 buttons.
It also works in New App. (using vid:“generic-4-button”)

The source code is very messy, but it seems to work.

I uploaded Edge Driver of Hue Dimmer Switch


Been waiting for this. Excellent work! I do have an issue though. I managed to connect it fine and it worked great for a while but then after a while it stops working and I have to reset the dimmer switch and re add it for it to work again. Any ideas?

This happens on all hue dimmer switches I have too.

It’s bit strange.
I’ve been using my DTH for several days, but I haven’t experienced the issue.

I am using RWL020 model, but it is not fully tested for a long time with RWL021 model though.

I’m using ST v2 hub with firmware 28.12

Exactly the same here. I have tried restarting smartthings hub whilst the switch is working and it does the same thing once hub is back online. Could you test turning your hub off and on and see if the switch reconnects?

I rebooted the hub by pressing reboot in IDE and it still works well.
One thing that might be related is… in my setting “Unsecure Rejoin” is “enabled”

Yes mine too. Very strange indeed! If I leave the switch for a while it just disconnects on its own and then I have to press the reset hole for it to reconnect.

I have released my DTH in South Korean Smartthings community about 15 days before, but I haven’t heard of that error till now.
One of the member in the communiny told me about the fingerprint of RWL021 model, and he told me it worked on that model too

2 days ago, I just added vid:“generic-4-button” to my DTH for new app compatibility, and till now, there’s no problem for me.

I’ll check if problem happens later on.

Ok so I have done some testing.

It is as if the dimmer switch is going to sleep. I have figured out if I hold all 4 buttons when it isn’t working and wait 10 seconds then it reconnects and works again. Could something be causing it to sleep?

pressing all 4 buttons of hue dimmer switch seems to restart the dimmer switch.


I hope that might persist.

In October there was a firmware update released. If you have access to a hue bridge, you might try updating and see if it improves this.

Hue Dimmer Switch
October 7, 2019
Software version:

I would need to connect all hue dimmer switches to hue bridge to do this right?

I have tried everything from updating them in hue bridge and re adding them in smartthings and still after a time they disconnect from smartthings until I re sync them holding 4 buttons.

Anyone any ideas?

OK - I need some help here - how do you use this?

I’ve added your git in smartthings IDE - and I can see the ‘iquix: Hue Dimmer Switch’ as a device handler under my device handlers (and it’s published) - but - I can’t figure out how to use it… Searching in smartthings doesn’t find anything, and I don’t see ‘Hue Dimmer Switch’ or anythign resembling that as an anything adable…

A bit of extra help? it’s been a few years since I’ve tinkered w/ my smartthings so I have forgotten how to use the device handlers…


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You can find a tiny hole at the back of the Hue dimmer switch.
You have to long press that tiny button inside that small hole using a paper clip, to put your device in pairing mode.

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OK I just pressed the reset button quickly on the hue dimmer until it started blinking orange… I’ll try holding it down for a longer period…

…and… that worked! thanks. I didn’t realize that a quick-press wasn’t enough for pairing mode…

One thing for future reference - I couldn’t find a place to pair in the new smartthngs app - only in the classic app - where is the pairing screen for the new app? (asks for device type and I didn’t see anything resembling it…)

press + at the top right corner
select device
press search at the top right

Really interested to try this out!
What’s the disadvantage of using Smartthings vs the hue app?

I recently bought the huedynamic pro app for my Android phone. Unfortunately, it will sync with hue bridge only. Any ideas how to use it with Smartthings?
I use the huedynamic pro app for multiple presses, Experiences, scenes and disco.

If you use hue dimmer button for dimming hue light, original hue hub might work better.
But if you want to use the remote for other purpose, such as controlling curtain that is connected to smartthings, this dth would help.

For me this is perfect, as I’m using the hue dimmer to activate smartthings routines which involve hue lights + non-hue lights. (not just hue routines…)

I’m curious - is this running locally or in the cloud? (smartthings v2…)