[OBSOLETE] Honeywell Lyric Water Leak Sensor Connect

I created a Lyric Connect app and device handler for the Honeywell Lyric Water leak sensors.

Device Handler: SmartThingsPublic/lyric-leak-sensor.groovy at master · joshs85/SmartThingsPublic · GitHub

Smart app: SmartThingsPublic/lyric-connect.groovy at master · joshs85/SmartThingsPublic · GitHub

Install Instructions


Regarding the devices, Do I need to download any additional apps? Like for USAA. If I’m a member?

Or Will these work straight away with Smartthings.

No additional apps needed. Smart things talks directly to the HoneyWell API once the smart app and device handler are added and configured

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testing now, paypal soon to come. thnx for the dth and app.

‘Something’s Wrong’ a very helpful message :confused: when trying to install Lyric connect app:
Automation > Smart Apps > + Add a SmartApp > My Apps > Lyric (Connect)

any ideas?

enable oAuth in the smartapp

thanks that was it.

Another user error :confused: such a noob lol.

The sensors where visible during the initial login but now I’m not able to see or add the 4 sensors.

Update: good to go now. maybe it was a sync issue, who knows but all is well, first-world problems

This looks great. Can we change the temp from C to F?

Yes, that’s the next update that I will push out.

If you’re still having issues, send me the live log output from the smart app. It’s probably a bug of some sort.

Any way to get github integration for these? Sounds like you are actively updating so would make it easier for users to update.

Yes github integration should already be working. Just add my github username and then the project name into ST just like any other app and device handler. I’ll write up some better documentation for all this soon.

Yup that was my stupidity it was there

There goes that idea!

sent money

I keep getting an error trying to save and then on the list of devices it shows a red exclamation mark

Thanks! Can you do it while looking at live logging and pm me the messages? Did you select anything other than Lyric leak sensors during setup?

Oh, dear, you don’t know about me… I am the 60 something old lady with no computer training who kind of wanders my way around in the dark… so, yes I can if you tell me how. I did not choose anything during setup other than the Lyrics. In fact I thought I had them working and went to add them to a couple of smart apps and then went back into the devices and saw the exclamation point. So I signed into my IDE and went to live logging, and then clicked on Save on my phone and here is what I saw… along with a lot of other activity…

OoO… You were close… Just wait for an event to come up from the smart app… when it does, the name of the app will pop up at the top of the screen. If you click on that name, it will filter to the logging messages from that app.
It should show up as “Lyric (Connect)”

Also, did you install both the device handler and the smart app?

Well, just take me out and shoot me. So I went to do it again and get you better logging info and I clicked SAVE and guess what saved fine… and the red exclamation mark is gone…