Honeywell Lyric™ Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector

Has anyone used this product? Paired it onto the ST HUB? DTH / Smart Apps available information?
With winter around the corner thought this may be more pertinent right now? “Honeywell” is NOT listed in the marketplace devices pairing section so want to put this forth to the community.

Seems like a nice device - but wifi so will need some work to get it

@whoismoses @John_Luikart as they have been on previous thread of water leak sensors and may know something about this device.

This would be cool, but I don’t have one…

They have an API.

Thank you Eric. Just have to find “someone” up for the task :slight_smile:

Posting Link to the Honeywell site for description / details. Going rate is $79.00 on Amazon, Best Buy etc etc

and here is the link - sorry folks

Do you have one of these?

It doesn’t look like you can subscribe to the events of the device… yet.

Right now, polling is available right away. The polling frequency we allow differs based on your use case.

However, we are working on a event-streaming implementation. Also if you have the ability to provide us an endpoint to ‘push’ events to we are investigating doing that on a case by case basis in the short-term.

No, I do not have one. I just discovered today and thought I may need that - but always do homework first, no sense being frustrated and wasting $

The Iris or SmartThing sensors are about half the price.

I have ST water sensors… I want the FREEZE detection part - live in an area where we wrap pipes at night IF a freeze is likely. For our geographical area these would be really nice outdoors.

Any updates on this device integration?

I’m still interested what came of this integration. I got some from honeywell/ hone insurance company for free and would like them to be part of my whole st system.

Nevermind, just found this!