SmartThings works with HomeSeer Water Shutoff Valve - HS-WV100+ and Honeywell Lyric Leak Detectors

I just want to let other users know that the HomeSeer Water Shutoff Valve works with SmartThings. Use the Add Device by Brand and select Z-Wave device (end of the list). Then push the Mode button. This assumes you have the Honeywell Home App installed and your Lyric Leak Detectors registered. From SmartThings you will be required to login into HoneyWellHome website with your username and password. This will then show up as a Linked Service in the SmartThings App settings. Restart the SmartThings App.

I really like the HomeSeer Water Shutoff Valves mechanically but never seen them listed as supported. I am now applying to my home insurance provide for a deduction for having five leak detectors and a water shutoff valve.

Hope this helps others considering a project like this, as this solution was not obvious in my searches.