[OBSOLETE] Flume Water Meter Smartthings Smartapp + Flume Water Meter Device Handler


It doesn’t have the home/away that stream labs water meter has so the interface looks slightly different.

It will turn to ‘wet’ if a Low Flow Leak is detected by Flume Water Meter.

Also you will need to adjust for your time zone line 337.

Since it’s a frankenstein app it might have redundant methods…feel free to clean up methods or debug statements as you see fit.

Acknowledgements: My first Smartthings app and groovy stab, want to thank @windsurfer99 for his implementation: [RELEASE] StreamLabs Smart Home Water Meter Interface

also thank @joshs85 [OBSOLETE] Honeywell Lyric Water Leak Sensor Connect

also thank michaeldavie Flume Water Meter - #42 by ender7 - Hardware - Home Assistant Community

and this one not sure who the author is Reddit - Dive into anything

I ended up using bits of this and that, some custom tweaks here and there, and after a lot of log.debug statements using web Smartthings IDE that at times provides zero stack tracing I created this Flume frankenstein app…Again enjoy… First github contribution too woohoo, more to come, stay tuned.


Thanks, saved me a ton of time!
BTW, I made a small modification:
Added line 267

            query: [read: "false"],

This allows me to dismiss the alert by marking it as read on the Flume console without having to delete the alert.

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Any updates on this? I can’t seem to get it to work. I put all the information in correctly, created a new device using the DH but no data is showing up. Just shows “DRY” and “Now Monitoring”, everything else is blank.

Is data showing in the Flume app?

When working it looks like this using classic SmartThings app

Thanks for the reply. Yes, there’s data in the Flume App.
When setting up the SmartApp, is it supposed to create a device automatically?

Once you

  1. add the smartapp and the device handler in the ide side you then go to the smartapp settings on the SmartThings ide.
  2. You provide the api key and secret key you see listed on Flume web dashboard.
  3. You then enable Oauth in the same smartapp settings page on SmartThings ide.
  4. You then go to classic SmartThings app to add your Flume login info and Must provide the house name in my case Lindas Home (must use exact name listed on Flume App see Flume App screenshot in prior post)

    You click save if it all was successful you will see the device listed with your data as shown on earlier screenshot.

Just rewriting steps to see if there’s a step that was missed. Try again from step 1 hopefully that works this time.

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Seems like readding the smartapp did the trick, thank you!

Do you know if the current API allow usage data by the minute like in the app/dashboard?
Want to setup with webCORE to track gpm averages and classify them based on gpm and maybe do other things.

Yes the FlUme API provides this info. The smartapp has a query called currentMin beginning in line 388. You could trace the code and replace the monthly query tile to replace it with currentMin. If you have trouble getting to show up Ill add it in a later release in a few days.

You might be able to access currentMin without a tile by adding another state to the def determineFlows() method.

Particularly lines 431 through 439 show the process since the query already exist or wait a few days for release updates

I spent all day configuring the ‘currentMin’ as currentFlow and have a working product. Currently using it with webCORE to create some automation, pretty neat so far.

Awesome! Good to see you got it working on webcore. Can you please post your code edits/updates on here or do a pull request on github.

I’m still new to github so I don’t know how to do a pull request so I’ll just post on here

In the Smartapp
Starting at line 328 I’ve added




For the DH


It’s also uploaded here


Oh and I also have it polling every minute, could probably do 30 seconds since the API limit us to 120 requests per minute.

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One more enhancement that will be useful is to initiate a phone call to alert the User when there is a leak. I currently hard coded to do an IFTTT maker webhook call that in turn uses a Phone Call action to call home the Leak Message.
Ideally this should have been covered by Flume natively but at least they are exposing the APIs to do this on our own.

Does that mean that there is no way to automate setting Flume to away using this DH/SmartApp? I don’t really need to see all the Flume info in the ST app, but it would be nice to set Flume to away when my ST is set to away and be notified of any flow during that time.

The Stream labs away/home has specific api feature. Based on the following
awayLeak : Generated when the homeAway mode is set to away and water flows for more than 15 seconds. from this link

https://developer.streamlabswater.com/docs/alert-types.html so it seems that when it’s set to away it’s monitoring on 15 seconds intervals

Versus the flume api that doesn’t have away/home setting so no way to set it to away mode and kick off 15 seconds interval monitoring.

The Flume implementation is dependent on the default alerts and custom alerts you configured first through the Flume app. Using the front end/Flume app the alerts can be based on gpm above x for y minutes ( y** = 4 minutes versus 15 seconds on the Streamlabs implementation)

You can create automations that will kickoff when the device reports wet condition** and away mode using webcore.

s0nniez implementation above added a backend query that will report lastminute usage so using webcore you can do away mode automations if you need shorter interval than what the Flume app currently allows.

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Thanks! I completely missed the fact that the Flume app doesn’t have an away mode (mind boggling!). But I am glad to hear this can be done using webCore. I will start mucking around, but if anyone has any sample pistons, that would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m using the classic smartthings app. You don’t really need webcore unless you want the lastminute usage alert.

With classic app you can get notifications using the ‘Smart Home Monitor’ by adding the leak sensor to your Leaks monitoring or using the ‘Notify Me When’ smartapp and choose ‘Water Sensor Wet’ option. I have no clue how an alert would work on new app someone that uses that might chime in with answer.

You can also use ‘Lighting automation’ to control zwave water valve + wet condition and have the rule only apply when away.

Even better. Set it up in the Smart Home Monitor. Thank you!!

I have a WET condition on the Flume but in the actual flume app the notification is not there I cleared it several days ago? How do I clear in within Smartthings ? The new app.