[OBSOLETE] GoControl Smart Wireless Light Switch Cover WA00Z-1 (see post #135 for 2023 Edge Driver)

Update 4/27: The DTH is now in its own GitHub Repo. Easy to update and install. No code changes made.

I’m pleased to release the Device Handler for the GoControl Smart Wireless Light Switch (Model: WA00Z-1). It’s a device that fits over your existing light switch and provides 2 buttons that can control anything. It requires no wiring and works great. I essentially call this “The Renter’s smart light switch”. It can be bought on Amazon [here] (http://www.amazon.com/GOCONTROL-WA00Z-1-Z-wave-Scene-controller-Switch/dp/B01BKWG9XS), more info is available [here] (http://www.nortekcontrol.com/gocontrol-detail.php?productId=1774).

The DTH will allow the buttons to be used in any SmartApp that works with buttons. The top button is assigned as button 1 and the bottom button is assigned button 2. Hold events are working as well as a holdRelease event. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Github Installation (recommended, easier to update):
For easier updating, add the GitHub repository in your IDE account:

  • Owner: ajpri
  • Name: ST-GoContWirelessSwitch
  • Branch: master
    After this, just Publish the DTH and pair the switch cover.

Installation (before pairing):

  1. Go to the “My Device Handlers” section of the IDE.
  2. Click “Create New Device Handler”
  3. Click “From Code and paste the code from the GitHub link. Click Create.
  4. Click Publish > For Me.
  5. The Handler is ready to use. Put the hub to “Find new things” on the app. Pull the battery tab and press any button on the GoControl Switch. The device will pair.

Please read!:
I am an undergrad College Student. Automating my house has been a passion of mine for awhile now. Everything I’ve automated was paid for with my part-time job. Please donate with the link below. Every little bit helps!
Bitcoin Address: 1pb7oUxjJnh1W9ztxqkWvdeckvtxnQ2ER


Works nicely with smart bulbs when in-wall switches aren’t an option because there’s no neutral wires in the switch boxes. Thanks for creating it.


Update: The DTH is now in its own GitHub Repo. Easy to update and install. No code changes made. The old repo will no longer be updated.

Noticed this evening, not having numberOfButtons wasn’t allowing Smart Lighting to detect the buttons separately. I am going to work on updating the code and getting something out soon.

Do you have an update to your device handler to allow Smart Lighting to see both buttons?

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It’s been updated on GitHub. I added the ability to reverse the buttons as well as fixed Smart Lighting. Let me know if anything else still needs to be fixed.

Works perfectly! Totally awesome. Too bad that this hardware was implemented as buttons rather than switches. SmartLighting gets around that with the option to press and hold.

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I am new to SmartThings Community and it appears your device Handler is exactly what I need to integrate these WA00Z-1 switches into my SmartThings hub. But I am not sure how to get your device handler on to my specific hub. The Smart app concept is all I have been able to accomplish. Any help would be appreciated.

Check out this post.

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DTH updated to version 1.2. The only change is exposing the “Actuator” Capability making it easier to Authorize to SmartApps such as webCoRE.

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Hi @ajpri,

I am constantly being notified by ST that my GoControl is at 1% battery. Which it is not. When I press button 1 it is showing 89% and button 2 is showing 89% battery level. Can you help me out? Other than that, your DH has saved me from rewiring my 3-way staircase light switches. And it got me a happy wife approval. She and the baby press the buttons and the Cree bulb(s) in the sealing light fixture respond as they should. And get this, I set 2 events; for button 1, Push = 55% light strength and Hold = 100% light strength. Great for not blinding yourself light at night for the bathroom trips.

Glad you and your family like it. I’m not really sure what to do about Battery. It’s always been my understanding never to trust battery life on ST. I’ve had my unit for around a month before this thread was made. Still on the initial set of batteries.

To cheat the battery result, you can change the battery report between lines 116 and 130. I’m still figuring out how to adjust the code for you.

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By any chance are you using rechargeable batteries? They will never report accurately as they have a different usage curve.

Hi @JDRoberts,

Nah. I use the flat cell betteries which are standared for the GoControl switch.

hey all, I’m new here so please forgive me if my terminology is incorrect. is it possible to use this switch to “cycle” through different scenes by simply tapping the “on” button repeatedly? as in, my living room has three bulbs, can I tap “on” once and have it turn on one bulb, tap on again to add a second and then tap on a third time to get there third bulb?

I’ve read a fair amount about scene control but couldn’t find exactly if you can use the SAME button to cycle groups of bulbs/devices.

I know multi button scene controllers can do thisb but I like having a more stock looking switch as I rent.


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Hi @ballbag123,

This controller has 2 buttons on it. Each one of the buttons has 2 events (Push/Hold).
At my house I didn’t mod my 3-way switches. I just purchased two of these controllers and used them to control a Cree connected bulb. Button 1 PUSH event turns ON & sets the bulb to 50% for Night time. Button 1 Hold event turns ON & sets the bulb to 100%. Button 2 Turns that bulb OFF.

I could have used the Button 2 Hold event for something else, but I didn’t need to do any other actions.

Can this be used to control a z-wave lamp dimmer by pressing and holding the buttons to dim up and down in a conventional dimmer fashion?

You can set it for 50% light when pushed and 100% when hold on button 1.
30% pushed and 75% when hold on button 2.
But that is what I was able to do with this device.

Is that a shortcoming of the switch or the dimmer? Seems so obvious that a 2 button remote would be able to control a dimmer up and down in the standard way of press and hold.