Cheap Switches

I’m looking for a cheap switch similar to the osram lightify switch. My wife isn’t keen on me swapping out outlets but she’s ok with battery powered ones that just go on top of the current switch. Any suggestions?

Hi @IFTTTexas,

Here is a good option for you; this is a community mamber @ajpri created DTH for an existing device. I have purchased two, but not yetinstalled them. This device uses 2xcell batteries which work as one per button.

Thanks for the mention! I’ve had the device for a year and 4 months with absolutely no issues. Still the initial (included) set of batteries, reporting 70% battery life. Works quite well - best impulse buy ever!

Feel free to leave feedback on experiences with the DTH. I’ll be happy to help out how I can.

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Well that definitely looks better than the osram switch but it’s about twice as expensive. I’ll have to run it by the boss.
SYLVANIA Smart+ Dimming Switch - Control your Smart Home System at the Touch of a Button, 73743 (Formerly LIGHTIFY)

That does look nice, but as I already have two of the once I recommended; I will try using them.
They are bigger, but they can replace the light switch plate and cover the entire opening.
But look a lot nicer.

Yeah they’re a bit bulky. I do like that they come with an extra flat back panel so you can 3M stick them places as well though. I’m going to put one on each end of my hallway. I’m probably programming them incorrectly, but right now I haven’t found a way to assign them the same functions/apps. I’ve been programming them individually which seems silly.

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If and when you get the DTH ironed out, can you post it on GitHub and than share here?