Z-Wave Products Clearance Sale

Z-Wave Products is having a clearance sale - mostly older legacy Z-Wave stuff - but some of the prices are really good.


Anyone have experience with the GoControl motion? 2 for 30 is a pretty good price. My Iris motion are dying left and right and the Bosch ones I have just aren’t sensitive enough for things like watching tv, computer work, etc. I have a couple of the Monoprice Z-wave plus which are just a little too insensitive, but I am making do.

I’ve got a few of them that I picked up from HD, well over 3 years ( probably more like 5 years) and I can’t remember changing the batteries more than once. Downfall is that ST doesn’t report battery, but as long as the lights come on/ off when we enter the room, who cares what ST reports the battery level as.

I bought the 5 for $60 pack but haven’t set them up yet. I also have a Monoprice Z-Wave Plus detector and they the plastic is identical except that the GoControl doesn’t have the separate mounting plate which means it may be difficult to mount in the corner. I just noticed that the Rboys DTH for the Monoprice sensor (requires a fee to RBoys) also explicitly supports the GoControl sensor, which is nice. Once I switched to the RBoys DTH, I was able to get the temperature to report as well - at least it looks like about the right temperature. The RBoys DTH also purports to report the battery level - hard to tell if it is correct with a brand new battery reporting 100%.

The GoControl actually comes with a jumper which I believe can be used to adjust the sensitivity - but the documentation says nothing about it. There is a jumper block with three locations labeled TEST, PET2, and PET1 so it may be possible to adjust the sensitivity. If I get a chance to play with it, I will post again. The RBoys DTH allows setting the sensitivity in the configuration section, but it specifically states that it is for Z-Wave Plus devices only.

How fast/sensitive are they? For battery I pretty much ignore low battery anyway as I have so many devices that will last forever on < 10%. The Visonic contact sensors can last months on 1%. Sadly you can’t turn off ST low battery notices which is really annoying. Went through a lot of work with that for support which got me no where.

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I have a dozen of the GoControl motion sensors and a couple dozen door/window sensors. I have many of these since early 2016. Batteries last FOREVER!

The motion sensors are not the fastest to respond but in most cases, they have proven to be real workhorses. I have a couple outside shielded from the elements but currently in an environment that far exceeds 100 degrees in the summer months. The only thing I remember that didn’t work was temperature readings below 32 degrees (when we lived in Michigan).

I have found that to get the temperature to work you have to use a custom DTH.

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GoControl is the retail division of Nortek, and they are the same as the Linear.

I have several of these which I bought when they were on sale at Home Depot in the Wink security kits. They are fine for what they are, but they are big, clunky, and nowhere near as responsive as most zigbee motion sensors. Battery life is good, but that’s in part because they aren’t that sensitive.

I use them to trigger the Outdoor lights to come on when someone enters an alcove area inside the house by the door to the backyard, so the slight delay is no big deal. I wouldn’t use them to catch someone entering a room to turn the lights on in that same room.

I just did a little speed test. Using a SmartThings Routine (executed in cloud due to custom DTHs) it took 3-4 seconds for a light to come on when I walked in front of motion detector. So no, not very fast. Did a bit of a comparison test with my Monoprice sensor and I would say they are very comparable in speed.

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FYI: If you use a toss-email to sign up for their newsletter, they send you a discount code (10%). It says that it doesn’t work on sales items, but it did for me.

For people with this in use, can the GOCONTROL Z-WAVE SCENE-CONTROLLER WALL SWITCH be used as a smart switch for other things within a SmartThings system, or are they only good for directly controlling Z-Wave devices (which is what the description seems to say)?

They work fine as a button controller. Lots of people are using them for hue bulbs ( which are not zwave) , for example, where the switch sends a message to the hub and the hub sends a message to the bulbs. It was originally called a “smart switch cover“ but then they changed it to the scene controller name, but it’s the same device.

It uses central scene commands to communicate to the hub. :sunglasses:


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Awesome! Thanks, JD :slight_smile:

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