Linear WA00Z1 Smart Light Switch Cover (US)

The linear WA00Z1 smart light switch cover has now been released under several different brand names, including gocontrol and Domitech.

This is a battery operated Z wave device which fits over the top of an existing light switch. The idea is that you leave the original light switch in place powered on to provide power to smart bulbs, and then you can use the smart switch cover, which has two buttons, to provide an intuitive light switch that can turn The bulbs on and off. Looks like most free shipping retailers have it for about $40 - $45.

Out of the box, it can be used with Z wave association. But it is also intended to be able to be used as a “button controller” where the commands are sent back to the hub. This should allow it to be used via the ST hub to control zigbee light bulbs or several other options. Fortunately, @ajpri Has created a device handler to allow it to be used as a button controller which opens up many more options.

The form factor is similar to the Osram Lightify Zigbee switch.

A couple of things to note:

One) because this is battery operated, it will not be able to work as a zwave repeater

  1. this device does not control the load on the circuit. So it can only be used with devices that communicate independently with the hub. So smart bulbs rather then a fixture with dumb bulbs.

  2. so far, this has only been zwave-certified for the US region. So it will only work with the US hub, not the UK hub

Product details including conformance statement and manual:

And AJustinhas now (April 11, 2016) released his button controller device handler for it. :sunglasses:

The aesthetics aren’t perfect, but it’s very intuitive for guests and works well. It can also fit next to another light switch in a two gang space.

Because this is a button controller, you could have the top button turn on a virtual toggle so that it was both on and off for one purpose, and the same thing for the bottom button. Unless you label each of those (e.g. “Basement” by button 1 and “kitchen” by button 2), though, I don’t think that setup’s going to be intuitive for guests.

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Just purchased. Already thinking about trying to create a device type. Shouldn’t be too hard (right :))

Sorry about the edits, I just impulse bought and not fully awake.

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This might be the solution to my light swtich that only has 3 wires (black/white/ground) and I cannot get up to where the light is moutned.

It can’t control the current directly, so you would need to put smart bulbs in the fixture.

The main problem it solves is people turning off power to smart bulbs. But if it can be made to work as a button controller with SmartThings, it may also be a useful battery-operated extra switch for several use cases, such as arming/disarming SHM, a virtual aux switch, a nightstand button controller, etc.

Of course first we have to find out whether it can work as a button controller, though. But based on the user manual, I’m optimistic. And as a Z wave device, it won’t have the problems of losing connection that the similar zigbee devices have had. :sunglasses:

I misunderstood, I thought it can push the switch for me :slight_smile: oops!

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There are some companies working on devices that will do just that, fit over an existing light switch and just push it on or off, but none have come to market yet that I know of. I believe the most successful one on indigo go in terms of money raised is switchmate, and they’ve run into a lot of different manufactoring problems. It has the form factor most people like, because it just looks like a regular switch.

There’s a Korean company planning a microbot called prota push which should be somewhat easier to manufacture, but won’t look as nice.

As someone who is quadriparetic with Limited hand function, I follow all this stuff pretty closely. There is demand for devices like that, but the challenge is making ones which will fit all the various existing switches.

The linear Z wave device, like the Osram Lightify, has it easier because it doesn’t have to actually flip the switch underneath it so it doesn’t have to fit as exactly.

Thanks… I would be on the lookout for one if any actually gets into production and of course the price must be reasonable :slight_smile:

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I hope these head over to the UK! I have a shallow back box that wont take a relay so my only solution is to replace with smart bulbs… but the Mrs wants a physical switch BUT not in addition to the existing one!

Some UK members are doing something similar by putting a box or a blank over an existing UK switch and then mounting the battery operated POPP switch on top of that. :sunglasses:

These are working with a community-created device handler.

Device handler for the UK switches:

One of the project threads on building the Popp into a blanking cover:

The Z, popp, and devolo switches all use the same device handler. They typically cost around £40. Each of the four corners can be depressed independently so you get multiple functionality. These are only available on the UK zwave frequency.

Follow-on questions on these devices should be asked in One of the threads above. But I just wanted to mention their availability as a UK option for a similar use case to the linear smart switch cover. :sunglasses:

A little update on things…

  • I ordered one of these, scheduled delivery is next Tuesday, the 22nd.
  • This will be my first device type that’s not virtual. I’m slowly figuring out Z-wave. @jody.albritton and @slagle might be hearing a lot from me with questions. I’ve printed like 10 pieces of paper with all kinds of info on them. Source code, Z-wave certifications, and the WA00Z-1 manual.
  • I’m designing this to be fully Compatible with all SmartApps that work with the Aeon Minimote. Looking like the top button will be button 1 and the bottom will be button 2.
  • My ultimate goal is to get something accomplished my the next dev. call.
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You should also be able to get a lot of help in the developer section of the forums:

Thanks @JDRoberts for the heads up. Between this and the osram dimmer switch I’m finally hopeful that I’ll be able to convince the wife that smart bulbs aren’t the worst idea ever. Now we just need a device type…

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I got it in! Here’s a few pictures!

It replaces the whole light switch cover. Comes with screws and 3M tape. To the IDE!

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Does this still allow the original switch to stay in place or does it need to be removed? It is hard to tell by the pic but it looks like it wouldn’t have room for a switch behind it, unless it only works with newer Decora (paddle) switches and not the normal toggle switches.

The switch stays in the on (or off) position. No wiring needed, it fits over the switch. It works with a rocker & supposed to work with Decora switches as well.

Essentially an instant retrofit, just add smart bulbs, provides 2 buttons.

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Does ST recognize it as a button device?

It’s recognized as a “Z-wave Device”. Made some big progress on a device type this afternoon/evening, but not ready for release.


Hope it works well for you and you can share something soon. Thanks!

Ok, so it is essentially the same as the OSRAM switch I am working on except it is z-wave instead of zigbee and has a different look. I like the look of the OSRAM switch better but since I am unable to get it to work properly if you can get this working I may consider getting a couple.

Thanks for the support! I hope to have something up on here soon.

It appears to be the same. I have something pieced together and working. Still have some work to do before I feel confident in releasing it on here.

Some notes on my work…
What Works:

  • Basic Functionality
  • Battery Reporting

What still needs work:

  • Important! Device Fingerprinting to device type
  • Device supports an option to invert the buttons (top becomes bottom), not really needed since buttons are independent for ST, but cool anyway
  • Performance Optimizations
  • Clean-up: Code is a mess with many commented lines & debug logging.
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