[OBSOLETE] GoControl/Linear Multifunction Contact Sensor

I won’t be converting the GoControl/Linear Multifunction Contact Sensor DTH into an Edge Driver so it will stop working once the Groovy platform is retired, but it probably doesn’t need a custom driver

This is an advanced device handler for the GoControl/Linear Contact Sensor (WADWAZ-1) that allows you to use the internal and external sensors as different capabilities.

If all you want to do is use this device as a normal contact sensor, use my other device handler located here.


  • Supports the Contact Sensor, Water Sensor and Motion Sensor capabilities.

  • Choose which contact (internal/external/main) and which state (open/close) go with each of the motion and water states (wet/dry/active/inactive).

  • Choose which capability to use for the main tile.

  • Choose which capability to use for the secondary status on the main tile.

  • Choose default state to use for the capabilities that are not being used.

  • Has all the features that the basic version has like the ability to decide if the internal, external or a combination of both cause the Contact Capability to change.




Additional Info

  • When you use the magnet to open/close the contact it’s considered the internalContact and when you open/close it using wires it’s considered the externalContact.

  • The event fields allow you to choose states for “internalContact”, “externalContact”, and “contact”. If you choose “contact” it will determine the state based on the “Main Contact Behavior” setting.

  • You can hide the Secondary Status on the main tile by changing the “Secondary Status Attribute” setting to none.

  • If you’re not using one of the capabilities, like Water Sensor, and you always want it to report dry you can set the “Water Wet Event” to “none” and the “Water Dry Event” to “default”.


This is awesome! I’ll try to test it out today, even more useful than I’d thought possible!

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I went looking for this sensor but the specs that I see on it are only door/window contact application. What would I use for water sensing on this?

Attach a piece of rope with wires wrapped around it, when the roap gets wet, it closes the external contact.

This DHT works great, setup in about half a minute to replace my custom one, and it worked first try! Thank you @krlaframboise!


Correct, it is just a contact sensor, but it has terminals inside that allow you to attach wires.

I’m using a Guardline Motion Sensor system for my driveway and it also has terminals so I was able to connect them together and use the contact sensor like a motion sensor in SmartThings.

I have one of these sensors on my back door which is located right next to my Sump Pump, this DTH allow me to run wires from the sensor on the door to the sump pump and use the one device as a water sensor and a contact sensor.

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I’ve been using your handler from 6 months ago on my gocontrol door and motions, and it’s worked flawlessly.
I’m sorry I haven’t said thank you sooner.
I can’t tell you how cool the motion contact is. I’ve been wanting to do exactly what you did in the driveway with the same system. Now my wife is gonna complain about me spending more $ but hey…

Back 5-6 months ago, I had asked if you were able to modify the handler to act as a connected smoke alarm.
closed - clear
open - smoke

At the time you said it wasn’t on your list. Now that you have added water sensor support, would it be possible to do so for smoke. This way I can bring my one gocontrol sensor using a schlage handler back to yours.
Water, motion, smoke, and standard contact all in one DH. this would be awesome!

Thanks in advance!

It’s possible, but you’re probably the only person that would use that feature and adding that capability will cause it to appear in everyone’s smoke detectors list.

I’m hoping others will post to say whether or not they feel that’s an issue.

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I didn’t know that having the capability in the handler that it would cause it to show no matter if feature is selected. Does that happen in water sensor list if it’s set to a door type?

Hopefully some more people want it!

Can you possibly give me some baby clues how I might take the original door sensor DH and the one written for schlage door sensors to operate as a smoke? I mean point to resources. I’d love to mod your older door only DH as a separate version for smokes (at least for me). And then share it back to you to have as a potentially totally separate DH just for smokes.
My only problem is I barely know how to code. Barely! :wink:

There was this guy named @ady624 and he took on a challenge to create a smartapp “CoRE” similar to rule machine but more user friendly. I though he was crazy. Well… We expect something similar from you. :wink:

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Aye! Only problem is, unlike other programmers, I AM crazy ;))) mwahahahaha


Oh my… If someone needs me to troubleshoot their smart home from an airplane I’d be happy to, otherwise, I’m a whee bit out of my element. :cold_sweat:

Technically it’s 1 line that causes it to appear in the smoke detector list so I’ll probably just add that functionality and comment out that line by default.


i just released a new version that supports the Smoke Detector capability.

I’ve also added “contact-garage” as an option to the Primary Status and Secondary Status settings which will use the garage icons instead of the normal contact icons.


Kevin, you’re awesome. Thank you!!
The smoke attribute shows up fine. I’ve not tested it as the wife and kids went to bed. I’d get in trouble for that. :slight_smile:

The Garage attribute still shows as a normal open/close icon. It’s on primary attribute: contact-garage

It would have shown the correct icon the next time the contact was opened or closed, but I just released a new version that forces it to reload every time the settings are saved which should fix that problem.

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Does anyone have an idea if wiring up 2-3 external reed switches in series to the internal contact of a door/window sensor would work/function properly?

Say in a room I have 3 windows in a row, if I stuck a reed sensor on each window and wired them in series, sure you wouldn’t know which of the 3 windows was open, but you’d know windows in that room were open.
Specifically I’m thinking of a bay window in my breakfast nook. I don’t care to know which of the Windows is open, just “breakfast nook windows = open/closed”

I’d try it but I don’t have any external reeds at the moment and am going to order some more. I’m wondering if ordering some extra might be worthwhile.

The idea on paper

The circuit will be closed when all windows are closed and open when any of the dumb sensors open so it should work in theory.

The only potential problem I can think of is if the signal weakens each time it goes through a contact it might not be able to complete the circuit, but that probably also depends on how far apart they are.

If going through 3 external sensors is a problem, you could use it as a regular contact sensor for one of the windows and then only have to attach 2 external sensors to it.

I’m using an external sensor connected to about 15’ of speaker wire and it works fine.

I have some extra sensors hanging around so I can test this later today, but how far apart do you plan on having them?

So if this works I might do it for other rooms too, and the furthest I could think of would be 3 windows in the master. They are in a row, so worst case I’d use the external contact on the outer say left window and then 2 contacts maybe 24" away (center) and about 60" away (right).

Ether way I’m interested in all 3 contacts in series, but 2 on the internal in series and 1 external would work too. If all 3 were in series, I’d still place them the same way, just having 3rd reed at place of origin, (to test for current try with 3: left/center/right windows, but 2 would suffice: center/right windows).

Also Kevin, I remember reading some other threads over time where some DTHswould create a virtual device for you, (various purposes).

It made me think, could you add in that capability to this DTH? The idea would be to create a virtual device that matches attribute that user selected of internal contact, that syncs with the internal contact, so that the internal contact could be used without using CORE or the user having to create a virtual device to sync (which I have no idea how to do :yum:)


I know you can make a SmartApp generate virtual devices, but I don’t believe you can do that in a DTH, but I’ve never actually tried. If it was possible, I think a lot of multi-channel DTHs like power strips would have the functionality built into it.

One of the benefits to using this DTH over my regular GoControl contact sensor DTH is that you can use different capabilities to detect internal vs external events which eliminates the need for CoRE or virtual devices. For example, internal contact creates motion active event and external contact create contact open event.

I’m assuming you’re asking this for a different scenario and not the linking multiple sensors together like you previously asked about.