Made a Water Leak Sensor

Well it seem like a good idea and a good use of a sensor with additional capabilities.

I’ll just stick to the original plan and just use this contact sensor as a water sensor.


Anyone figure out what the maximum length of wire is that you can use with this?

I’ve used a 2 meter long, 14ga wire without any issues. I haven’t tried anything longer though.

It works fine with 10’ of speaker wire.

I just noticed this topic so for future reference, tag the original developer and they’ll most likely be happy to help you out.

I wrote a modified version of this device handler that acts as a motion sensor and another that acts as a water sensor so I can easily modify the water sensor version to work as a contact sensor and water sensor.

Considering that my basement door is right next to my sump pump, the new handler will allow me to use one of my contact sensors for something else.

FYI, this will work with the Linear/GoControl sensor, but it won’t work with the Monoprice Door/Window sensor.

I just released a new device handler for the GoControl Contact Sensor that should provide all the functionality you’ve been looking for.


Has anybody had trouble lately with these reporting false wet? And then in order to reset it you have to bridge the contacts and then separate again.


Thanks! i’ll give it a shot and see if that all works.

Yes, but I’ve assumed it’s because they are sitting on my desk with all my other electronics.

Has anyone made a mat with two wires weave in it so it covers the entire bottom of the sink cabinet? I really want to have this.

The rubber non-skid drawer lining with holes in it sounds ready made for it.

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I’ve made a couple. Except, instead of wires, I used Copper Foil

The mats a large enough to cover the entire floor area underneath my washer/dryer.

What did you stick the foil to?

pics please :slight_smile: eventually I was going to make one with cloth covered wire, but this might be better

The white stuff is PVC basement wall panels from HD. Distance between strips is 3/4" - determined by sensitivity of the Water/Leak sensor that I use (Lowes Utilitech). 2-pin connectors are from Amazon.

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Nice, thank you for posting the picture! Do you have to solder each copper foil connection, or does the adhesive conduct?

Those are lovely!

Adhesive does conduct but I touched all joints with the soldering iron anyway - if adhesive starts deteriorating, the ends will give first…

Now, to make this thing really elegant, I’d need to find some type of non-conductive mesh to use it as the top layer. With the strips exposed, the usage of the things is somewhat limited.