Hardwired sensors

I think everyone is saying that if you tried to wire a Z-wave open/close sensor into an existing wired door/window sensor that is connected to an alarm panel, you will fry the battery operated z-wave sensor. (Whew, sorry for the long sentence)

Is this correct?

Can I disconnect the wired sensors from the alarm panel and then wire them directly into a z-wave open/close sensor (ecolink)?

Too expensive to put a sensor on each window, too many.

ok, new sensors arriving today. The plan is to disconnect zones from alarm panel and connect to open/close sensor (z-wave)…

fingers crossed

Can the z-wave sensors be wired to unpowered reed switches and then both switches into the input side of the alarm?

Ok, experiments completed.

Multimeter showed more voltage on zwave sensor than on alarm input side, safe for sensor.

Direct input of wired sensor to zwave sensor worked perfectly. However connecting to alarm input kept circuit closed at all times.

Using wired inputs is a win for keeping a clean look and minimizing the number of zwave sensors needed.

But like everyone says here, you need an interface like envisalink or others to completely smartthingsify your hard wired alarm.

Good lesson.

http://kendrickcoleman.com/index.php/Tech-Blog/total-noob-guide-to-move-your-old-wired-security-system-to-smartthings.html for more reading :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. Good stuff!

linky no worky (or is it just me?)

It was working, but I agree its not working now

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Using Google cache:

what security system do you have?

I have all mine hooked in but it’s based on hardware/software from: http://www.alarmdecoder.com/

It is a DSC Power Series 1616

I am only familiar with the alarmdecoder product so I am sure others could suggest others.

Here is their support options:

I know this post is 2.5 years old now, this is exactly what I’m planning to do but am new to optocouplers/isolators, can you share more info on what exactly you used and where you got them from?

I’m pretty surprised no one has released a wired Z Wave motion sensor.

I’m not looking to replace the entire security system, but it would be nice to replace my wired motion sensors with wired Z Wave-enabled motion sensors.

That way it would not impact my current alarm system setup – it would still receive the motion signal – but the Z Wave integration would allow for communication back to ST.

It seems like a pretty simple thing to have an out-of-the-box solution.

I have a Zooz z-wave USB powered motion. Hardwired as in 110VAC?

That is for power only, though. The sensor would need to still be able to send a single back to my security system, while also communicating with ST over Z Wave.

Sorry totally my fault for not reading your post carefully. What you can do is use a GoControl contact sensor and tie it to your motion sensor at the alarm panel. That way you don’t have to replace the motion sensor. This post has the DTH for the sensor. This is all depend on what type of output your motion sensor is providing.

Has anyone tried out this device that allows up to 9 hardwired sensors to z wave ?

Honeywell Honeywell Intrusion H/ W-TO-WRLS MOD CONV 9-ZONE - 5800C2W

Would it work with ST hub?

I believe this was discussed around post 59. Doesn’t look like it would work.

This isn’t quite the answer the the OP’s question exactly. However, it does allow you to utilize your hardwired sensors with SmartThings. It was a kickstarter project and it is now available for purchase: https://konnected.io There is some wiring and setup but the videos are really helpful and hold your hand through the whole process. It is close to a plug and play solution.