Guardline driveway alarm with contact sensor?

I am interested in integrating a driveway sensor into my ST system and have identified a couple possible candidates. One, I know will work because I’ve read a blog post about connecting its receiver to a contact sensor. But I’m not sure about the other: The support manual refers to adding external 12V devices, that already goes above my paygrade as far as electronics is concerned. I think I should be able to connect to the 12V out and either the NO (normally open) or NC (normally closed) terminals and be good to go. But if someone could confirm this for me, it would be appreciated. The support manual can be found here: The section in question is on pages 18-21 (PDF pages 10-11). Thanks in advance.

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I have the Guardline hooked up to a Linear/GoControl Contact sensor and it works great using the COM and NC terminals. I’m pretty sure you’d blow the contact sensor if you tried using the 12V.

I’ve had a couple of false alarms due to animals, but rain, snow, and blowing leaves have never set it off. I installed it last fall and expected to have issues over the winter because I live in New England, but it hasn’t missed a single event and it’s still using the original batteries.

My biggest complaint is that the device supports multiple motion sensors and you can assign different sounds to them, but it only has one set of terminals so you can only use it as a single device in SmartThings.

I’ve created a DTH for the Linear/GoControl Contact Sensor that makes it show up in SmartThings as a motion sensor.


Thanks for the great info. Especially the wiring tip. I’ve used the Ecolink contact sensor for other wired sensor projects, so I’ll probably use that again. And yes, I was disappointed to read that it has only one external trigger that covers all zones too.

@krlaframboise, out of curiosity, I assume you get notified by the Guardline unit when a vehicle leaves as well? I’ve never used a driveway sensor before, but it would seem that anytime there is enough motion inside if it’s range, you would be notified. Is this correct? Ordered my unit and just want to prepare ahead of time for how I plan to actually integrate it. Thanks again.

I ignore the sensor for a few minutes after i set the house to away which gives me time to leave without it sending a notification.

I have a SmartThings arrival sensor in my Truck that prevents it from sending notifications when I get home, but it doesn’t always detect the presence before I reach the driveway and the battery is always dying so I sometimes still get notifications when I get home.

If you usually get home at a certain time you could use a delay during those time periods so that you only get notified if the house isn’t disarmed shortly after it’s triggered.

I haven’t figured out a way to prevent getting a bunch of alerts every time my landscaper mows my yard or I’m snowblowing the driveway so I usually just pause the piston when that happens.

It also sends duplicate notifications if someone pulls in or out of my driveway too slowly. The device has a bunch of settings that allow you to adjust whether it detects fast or slow activity and how long to wait before sending a second notification, but I think I left mine on the default settings. I’d rather receive multiple notifications then have it miss someone slowly walking down my driveway.

I’m using CoRE to handle the notifications because of all the logic mentioned above.

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Did that device end up working out for you?

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It sure did. Thanks for all the help.

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So I currently have a Linear Go Control hooked up to open/close and send notifications through ST. If I was to get this Guardline driveway alarm, would I need a separate Linear Go Control, or could I use the same one that is in use now and just setup a separate device handler for the driveway sensor?

Thanks in advance would love to get this and integrate with ST.

Does the EcoLink work really well? I’m looking at possibly doing that with the Guardline. Is this the one?

My GoControl Contact Sensor DTH allows you to use the GoControl/Linear Contact sensor as 2 devices.

I purchased the EcoLink Z-wave Plus version.

I connected the switch to the Guardline

I attached the EcoLink sensor directly to the back of the Guardline and ran the wires to the sensor.

And this is what it looks like from the side view when finished.

It works like a charm and now I know when people are coming back my driveway. I have the Smarthings app send me a text message when the sensor is opened.


I also wired the Guardline receiver to an Ecolink sensor and it works great for texting me and turning big floods on so I can see better from my outdoor cameras.
Agree it would be nice if the receiver had separate contacts for the different zones but buying another receiver isn’t all that expensive. Now the challenge is to add some ways besides lights to scare off crooks. Been looking at sirens but I think I’d upset the neighbors when the Guardline is triggered by critters.

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Nice ideas here! Thanks. I think I’ll go with the Guardine, after all the positive reviews, to initiate recording of my outside cameras. I tried to install a Motion sensor outside, ( to “help” the Alro’s motion sensors, but there were windy days when it would “detect” every 10 minutes. There are really very few false motion detects with the Arlo, but sometimes there was lag so I missed the first 3-4 seconds of people within range.
FYI: Had to switch the Arlo’s from “smarthtings” mode to “Armed” to eliminate most of this lag, but still missed events.

I did buy a Garage door sensor for my mailbox, that I found had “contacts” from Monoprice recently, on sale for $20, now $23. FYI: It is Z-wave, the ecolink is Z-wave PLUS.

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FYI: I tried the (pictured) above Monoprice Garage sensor, but it didn’t work. I had it on my mailbox and had the same problem, if the mail person was “fast” open and closing the mailbox it didn’t register. If I connected wires to the terminal, and then touched them together it would register “Closed” . If it was already “closed”, laying on it’s side, it was quirky. Hooked it up to the Guardline, it failed to register, and I tried both terminals, NC and NO. It just didn’t “react” quick enough.
Got a EcoLink Z-wave Plus, like Mark (above) suggested and it works fine. I think it is a very momentary open/close, too quick for the Monoprice Garage Door sensor, but fine for a regular door sensor. I guess it it not like a garage door opens and closes really fast.

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Are you able to share the DTH you created for making this show as a motion sensor? I just purchased the Linear Contact Sensor and Guardline and have the Guardline working well now, so going to attempt to add the Linear into the mix and get it loading into ST.


Has anyone tried this with newer sensors? I just got a guard line and I’m trying to decide what sensor to hook it up to but some of the older sensors are unavailable (like the ecolink Z-wave plus and Gocontrol).

Thanks much appreciated!!