Infrared beam sensors connected to SmartThings hub?

Is there a way to connect an infrared beam sensor with momentary contacts, similar to a door bell push button, to a relay that would send a signal to my SmartThings hub?

Does this help?

OOOO… Here is an interesting idea. Get a raspberry pi and this:

Then install a web server on your pi and have it send an http call to your smartThings hub that acts as an endpoint.

I think what you are wanting to do is similar to what I did…

There is a much easier way. Take a look at the ST_Anything project. You can wire just about any type of sensor your can fit to an Arduino up to ST. If you don’t want to go that far, you can get a contact sensor that allows for external sensor hookup. Then just get a beam sensor that has a relay output and tie it into the contact sensor. Something like this would work:

I have a similar beam sensor. I just need a ‘simple’ way to transfer the momentary contact ‘signal’ to my SmartThings hub.

The Go Control contact sensor allows for external input. You just wire the output from your sensor to the input on the contact sensor.

Ryan780–can you give me more info on the Go Control? That sounds like what I need.

Check this post out: