[OBSOLETE] Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 - FGRM-222 (DTH in post 24) (UK Device)


I have bought a new HUB ok the UK which uses the same frequencies as in Europe.

Thank you.

Hi Daniel, did you do the calibration of the Fibaro after connection.
Press Fibaro button for 3-6s until you get the blue light, temporarily release buton and press 1s again. It will do a full close and open and should solve it
Mine are working fine, only issue is 50% open corresponds to 50% motor rotation.
Since you have that period where the blinds are full down but not closed (they will start closing the small gaps between the rows), 50% means only real ~35% open.
But I can live with that.

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[solved] after calibration worked fine

Hi Alex.
So the base fibaro dimmer allows you to open the roller half way?
Mine is just working open or close

Hi, following your advice I set the device type to “Fibaro Dimmer” and I can work with % as well, but it seems a little off.
If I set the % at 50%, the shutter goes up about 20%.

Is there any way to correct it?

The FGRM-222 is correctly calibrated (the shutter stops correctly at the top and at the bottom).

Thanks in advance for any help

Hi Sulisenator,

I have the exact same problem. I have not investigated this any further so
I cannot help you.

Thank you.
Daniel Duarte


I have an EU version of the Fibaro FGR-222 and I wrote a device handler for it.

This device handler allow to open or close the roller shutter as well as define a level in percent. You can also configure if you have a momentary or toggle switch and you can also launch the calibration process of the module.

here is the link to the device handler


Hi there, I found the simplest method to achieve calibration to allow accurate % use was to ‘Calibrate through Menu (B-button)’ with the details available here http://manuals.fibaro.com/content/manuals/en/FGR-222/FGR-222-EN-A-v1.00.pdf


Hey, thanks, I did that already but with no success.

Hi, all.
I have installed Julien Bachmann’s (@julbmann) driver and it works great. The best thing is that you can calibrate remotely, without opening the blind box (that’s a nightmare in my case).

My only “complain” is esthetic, as Open appears in two lines. May be it’s a problem with my phone or with the ST software, but I can live with that!!

Thanks, Julien!!!

I MiguelR, I’m happy that you like it. If you can send me a screenshot that shows the probem of the two lines I will fix it.

Does anyone have a video showing how this controller works with smarthings and curtains or shades?

Hi Julien, I am having trouble with my system connecting automatically after having installed your device handler. Is it possible to ‘Add a Thing’ manually and if so what Device name and Device Network ID should I use.


Hi Julien, I’ve got the module added now, but I can only make the shutter open and not close. I have tried to calibrate the module in accordance with the Figaro instructions, but that won’t work either. Do you have any ideas? Thanks

Are you able to open and close the shutter with the connected switch?

I think you should check how you wired your module.

I had the exact same problem. Could not manage to calibrate the shutter, it went out, but refused to go in again. I solved it by using the generic dimmer DHT when calibrating, then changed to your handler. I now works as it should :slight_smile: One small problem though: Many times it does’t refresh the position, so it says 50% out when it’s actually at 0%.

Also: Do not know if this is possible, but it would be great with a stop button that stops the shutter right away? So I can set it at 75% and stop it manually when it has gone long enough :slight_smile:

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Yes it works fine with the normal Switch, but when I try to close it using the app, the indicator flashes red but the shutter doesn’t move. Do you think that the module is faulty?

I checked that the wiring was correct also.

I tried to go back to factory Settings, remove it and start all over again, but the app won’t let me remove it.

I cant find where to buy the fibaro roller shutter 2 in USA, any chance I can make a fibaro roller shutter 2 bought in EU to work with US Hub?

No, they have different z-wave frequencie.

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I have installed 6 Fibaro moduls and work all perfectly with that Handler. May thanks for that! It still has the refreshing problem. I have control it through Remotec ZRC-90 button controller. Push button triggers up and down. It does not stops. It would be very helpful, if the stop function can work. Also I managed to add programmed open close schedules through Smart Lighting app. Google Home is able to also control it with voice commands. However it can be controlled as a lighting switch through Google and Smart Lighting. Is there a way to control it as a real Shutter and give open, close native commands?

Hello Julien,

I’ve installed your handler and I now have a FGR-222 in my living room working great, but it has one problem: I can’t set it as a Venetian Blind (Parameter 10 - number 2). When I do this in the app, it gives me an error saying the number must be no higher than 1 :confused:

I wanted to be able to control my shades with a slider, as they are Venetian and I usually leave them open 5%.

It would also be great if we could stop the command as it was opening the shades. Create a stop button??

Thanks for all the trouble of making this handler. Because of you, I bought the Fibaro FGR-222 and installed it with confidence :slight_smile: