Fibaro FGRM 222 - Roller Shutter

Interesting. do I have to remove the device first? I tried calibrating it this morning, with no prior removal. When I hold three seconds and after that click three times, I don’t get the calibration motion you are describing. It just moves cause I clicked…

Hola 3 seconds, release, hold 3 seconds, release, hold 3 seconds…
And that’s all. No need to remove the device or anything else.

THAKS SO MUCH, ChristianGM. Perfect.

I’m new to this and my Fibaro Shutter is recognized as Z-Wave Metering Switch with only 2 options ON/OFF.
How can I enrolled’ it as dimmer or make’ it work as it is ?


is the FGR-222 Roller Shutter 2 and FGRM -222 Roller Shutter 2 the same.

There is an M in the version discussed above, but i cant seem to find them to purchase most stores only have the version without the <

Will the above mentioned trick work for FGR-222 Roller Shutter 2 as well.


i am new in smartthings and i would like some help please.
I setup correctly the motor device as dimmer also i calibrate it,everything works well open and close button and the % but not so well the problem is that i slide the bar until 1% and the blinds goes a little bit after the middle of height also i have toggle buttons as yours is any way to help me to change the settings on mine also?

I’ve got the Fgrm-222 running with the Device Handler called “(MC: Fibaro Rollers Blinds FGRM-222)”. The curtain is a big and heavy thing running on a tilted rail. On the device I can click open and close + stop, works fine… the “dimming-slider” does nothing. However I got this strange problem that I never quite figured out which has been there since I was on Vera. If I drag the curtains to a 100% the curtain drops/falls down to about 70%. The solution at the Vera was to create a scene that stopped at approx 95%. I am trying to re-create that with Core. I am able to send “open” and “close” commands using actions…but the “Stop” command in Core does not issue the “Stop” command. Nothing happens. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Hi @duncan

Can you please confirm that this issue is already solved?

I still cannot connect my fibaro roller shutter to Smartthings HUB (I have created a discussion topic here) to simplify a response as this thread is getting bigger and bigger.

Thank you.
Daniel Duarte

Hi CristianGM: which button do I need to press 3 times? you mean the button on the fibaro device or in the software? I am not able to calibrate my device…

Hi guys,

I have the Fibaro FGRM 222 and used the code from maoten to set up the device.

The UP and down features work but my problem is that I want to turn the roller shutter up (starting from completely closed) and then stop the movement after approx. 1800 milliseconds so that the shutters stop in a half open position… if I set up a routine for that in rule machine it seems like the fibaro device does not get the second signal or maybe misses it since it is too fast? (1800 ms after the first UP I am clicking UP again).

How can I get this done? Using the slider to go to a certain % of opening does not work since calibrating the slider did not work for me.

Thank you so much! I am working on this since months and could not solve it…

The problem is that I think calibration only works if the device is connected directly to a motor that sends a signal back to the fibaro device once it arrived all the way up/down.

In my case the fibaro device is connected to a bus and on the bus I have all the roller shutters of the house… that means that the device does not get a signal back once the motors arrived all the way up/down and therefore I am not able to calibrate the slider…

Any ideas on how I can manually calibrate the slider and define the min and max values for the slider so that it knows where all the way up/down are?


I have a Fibaro roller shutter. I want to stop the curtain using my minimote but with the button controller there is no way I can specify stop since the fibaro roller shutter was recognized as on/off switch only

Has anyone make the fibaro roller shutter work on US Hub?

Hi Bee_Jay,

I’m having the same problem. Could you get your’s solved?


Hello. Button is on/off device. Roller shutter works like a dimmer. 100% is closed, 0% is opened. I use it with Google home asking it dim to X % and it works. Other workaround is if you set up dedicated % for button actions. E.G. up/down for push and 50% for hold. If you use Fibaro button, it has double and triple push states means another 2 levels what you can define.

I have the same problem with the V3 hub.
Do you in the meantime have solved this. If yes, can you tell me how?

There’s a device handler written specifically for the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 available in the thread linked below. However, if you want to try the method discussed in the post you replied to, you can change the handler used for any device by logging in to, clicking My Devices, clicking on the device, clicking Edit, and then choosing another device handler from the drop down list for Type. Note that community created device handlers like the one linked below won’t be in that list until you manually add them.

Thank you very much for your reply. Problem solved. I’ve just paired successfully my fibaro shutter device with the DTH you referred to.

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My Roller shutter uses a rocker switch. Once you hold the up button it goes up, until the height you want and once you hold the down button does the same for down.
I do have a a Fibaro FGRM222 and I have many years to re-check if it works but I believe with that kind of switch the Fibaro doesn’t work.
Have you used it with rocker switches that have to be held so that the roller shutter actually goes up or down?

Any suggestion for a device that can make my roller shutter smart?

Hi , I have the FGR 222 roller shutter with a UK v2 hub and it works good. The only thing is when the device loses and regains power, it behaves weirdly and sometimes open up the shades without even any command to do so. Anyone faced same ? Any idea on how to fix this ? As power failures on the device are quite frequent and it’s very inconvenient to have the shades open or close at times when you haven’t triggered any command