Fibaro FGRM 222 - Roller Shutter

So I have purchased a few items from Fibaro. I have the following :smile:

FGS221 - Relay Switch 2x1.5kW
Thanks to Mellbrat, (Z-Wave Fibaro Motion Sensor and Z-Wave Fibaro Relay Insert 2 * 1.5 KW) I managed to get this working as I want.

FGWPE/F-101 - Wall Plug
Initially detected as a standard Z-Wave Meter Plug, but I copied the code from the default device and added the correct fingerprint to detect this device as the Fibaro switch. So was happy there.

However, I also have the FGRM-222 - Roller Shutter, but I cannot get this to work. It is not detected as anything at all. I have used the base frame from other device and to try to create the correct Fingerprint (have used a friends Rasperry Pi to detect the command class codes. Even compared the details collected by Razberry for the Wall Plug to ensure I am reading things correctly) However, nothing I do will have this detected. I have forced complete reset on the FGRM-222, to ensure it’s not already paired to a device.

Firstly, has anyone else gotten this to work?

Secondly, is there a true debugging view on the Hub, I mean to see even things it receives but discards. I know the logging mode exists, but this only shows me information pertaining to devices it has detected.

Thirdly, if there are command classes that are not understood by the Smartthings, will the device be ignored entirely?

If any information is needed, please let me know. In a recent attempt to resolve detection, I removed all device types, and started again. I have the code at home, but cannot post the fingerprint I am using at this time. I’ll try to update tonight.

Many thanks for any help that can be provided.

This is the list of Command Class Codes retrieved from Razberry.


If anyone can see reason that these codes should not be detected.

Also, does the fingerprint have to be in a specific order.


Can anyone from Smartthings comment?

Hey, I have the exact same problem. I am already in contact with Fibaro and this is what they told me so far: (read from bottom to top) - conclusion: we definitely need help from Smartthings…

Could you check if it works connected to the roller when with buttons connected to S1 and S2?

what do you mean by “mechanically”? If I connect it to power, I can press the reset/menu button and click through the “menu” (blue - purple - green - yellow). That works.

Regarding roller shutter, does it work mechanically, just connected to the wire? There may be problem with recognition of the latest version of software it uses. Template should be recognized easily.
Have you a possibility to check if it works with our system or Vera etc.?

shouldn’t the roller shutter at least show up in the hub when searching for it? I get the fact that not all functions and functionality might be readily available but it should be recognized nonetheless, right?

I did not want to say that you have to buy only our products in order to get them working. It is the basic idea of the Z-Wave Alliance. Simply not all Z-Wave functions are already fully integrated and thoroughly accepted by Sigma Devices, owner of Z-Wave. Above that, we already made some steps to ensure future integration of our products with major brands as Aeon Labs, Everspring, Danfoss.

Naturally, every producer can contact our officials in order to inquire technical information that can help in further integration.

All standard templates can be obtained from Z-Wave. As members of Z-Wave Alliance we don’t provide basic classes further. Customized Z-Wave classes we use in our products are integral part of our system and we don’t share them.

Please mind that templates send by Dimmer to the controller differs a bit from those of Shutter. Dimmer device is a basic one, so is its template, that is why it would be recognized by the most of Z-Wave controllers. Shutter is more modern product and uses more sophisticated template that uses newer version of Z-Wave protocol. The problem may be that controllers you mentioned do not recognize that type of the template.
Please remember that, all Z-Wave producers are making an effort to make their product compatible. However, Z-Wave Alliance policy is not 100% strict i order to allow product development and because of the same reason full compatibility on all levels with every version of the protocol is not ensured. That is why every producer has some sophisticated Z-Wave classes in their products that are not supported in other producer devices today, but will be in the future.

It may of course be the technical problem with the device, but the best way to check its functionality would be adding them to the HC.

Well as the razberry detects and joins the device, then I’m sure it is not faulty in that sense.

So yes it seems that for some reason the “template” as they are calling it,is not being recognized by ST.

I just wish there was a true debugging mode we could access. See all incoming and outgoing messages like many of the other zwave hub devices do.

If we saw it was detecting something with a different fingerprint the we can add that, or if it detects something but fails because it presents a command class it can’t handle then at least we know what is going on. We can request that class added etc.

Anyways, please can someone from ST comment as well? Thanks

Not having the fingerprint correct should not prevent the device from showing up in SmartThings if it is joining the hub’s network. At the least it should show up as a generic “Z-Wave Device” or in this case it would probably show up as a Z-Wave Metering Switch.

My best guess is that it is correctly joining the hub, but the server is throwing an exception and failing to create the device record. To test this you could reset the device and attempt to join it again, and look at the hub events (Hub > List Events > all) for an event “zw device found”. If you are getting that event the device is being found but something is going wrong creating the device. If you send the day & time of the attempt to someone can look at the server logs to see what’s going wrong.

Okay, scratch that. I looked at the hub code and it appears there’s a bug that will cause problems for devices with more than 18 command classes.

Sorry. I’ll fix it in the next firmware update, which should be available in less than a month.

Duncan, thanks so much for the update. It’s great to know it wasn’t me doing something wrong! Can you confirm if you’ll also be adding a capability of blinds, window coverings or something? Thanks again

Scrap the comment about the capability, is not in use anyways.

Hello, I purchased the wall plug (EU type). Is this the same as you have? How did you pair the plug? I cant get mine to connect.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Marcus

Yes I too have the eu wall plug from fibaro. This was detected after putting it in to join mode by holding the button until it flashed yellow. Obviously whilst smatthings hub is in join mode.

It was detected as Zwave metering device until I created a new device type with the full command class fingerprint.

But as the default device, it still worked perfectly.

Hi @duncan,

Is there an ETA to the new firmware? Thanks

Hi @Duncan, any news on the new firmware? It’s been about month once you hoped it would be available in less than a month. Thanks

Hello every one, nice talking here.
I have some Fibaro devices and I’d like to make it work with Smartthings.
Thanks to mellbratt the double relay switch is working ok, however is a not show when you want to configure an action, does any one solve this problem?
And by the other hand, I have one of the new Fibaro motion sensor which are almost multi sensor, but I can’t configure other than normal motion sensor.
Any hint??

my 2c worth: I have given up on Smartthings. They never really follow through on things.

I have bought a Fibaro Home Center (lite) and it works like a charm - with all sort of Z-Wave stuff. Yes, it doesn’t work with Zigbee but who cares.

I have no idea why Smartthings was able to score 2nd place in gadget of the year with the Times. They have never used it probably and just believe the hype…


I have been a Kickstarter supporter of Smartthings. Oh, well too bad…

Is there any update on this matter? I am very interested in getting Fibaro Roller Shutter fully working with my ST hub… Thanks!!!

The firmware update is still on the way. It’s been delayed by some issues that came up.

Thanks for an update @Duncan but do you think we’ll have an update before end of the year? End of January?


Yeah definitely one of those.

@duncan Can you confirm that this issue is why I cannot include the Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5: