[OBSOLETE][[DEPRECIATED] Jasco/GE Motion Dimmer Switch 26933

This is for the dimmer version of the GE Motion switch 26933. The DTH for the motion on/off switch can be found here.

This device handler supports all of the options of the switch with the exception of doubletap, which has yet to be implemented.

Some examples of what you can do with this dimmer/switch include:

  • Occupancy only during certain hours, vacancy mode other times. (in a bedroom, occupancy during the day, vacancy or manual mode at night)
  • Turn on at a specific level during certain hours (In a bathroom, dim to 10% at night, otherwise 100%)
  • No need for cloud processing smart apps. Use the device’s own motion sensor to turn on the light - or other zwave lights with association groups. Virtually no delay.

Key features:

  • Control Occupancy/Vacancy/Manual modes - Exposed to webCoRE/CoRE
  • Control timeout duration (If in occupancy/vacancy modes)
  • Motion Sensitivity - High Med Low
  • Light Sensing (does not expose the light sensor - only allows for occupancy to be overridden with high light)
  • Reset Cycle - Time in which the motion will stop reporting motion once motion has stopped
  • Standard GE dim rates/steps
  • Default Dim Level - Allows the switch to always turn on to specific level - Exposed to webCoRE/CoRE
  • Association Groups - directly controls other zwave devices.

Awesome, thanks! Testing now. Can you explain the occupancy/vacancy modes?

The switch itself can act as a local occupancy/vacancy switch. No smart app needed.

Occupancy- auto on when motion is detected, auto off when motion stops (after the timeout duration).

Vacancy - auto off when motion stops (after the timeout duration)

Got it. What about “light sensing”?

That would be if the switch determines it is bright enough to not need to turn on.

Enabled - occupancy will not trigger if bright.
Disabled - occupancy will trigger regardless of brightness.

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Wow, I didn’t know it also worked as an illuminance sensor.

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Sort of. It has a light sensor, but that doesn’t appear to be exposed to zwave from what I can tell. All it does is stop the occupancy mode if it’s bright rather than the typical illumiance sensor.

just fixed a bug that was not allowing the settings to take.

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Did you remove the text-based options? Im only showing numbers now. Ie: ‘enable/disable motion sensor = 1’


I did unintentionally. Just fixed that too.

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Good start. I think i will wait a little bit with more reviews before i buy them.
Could you comment on the sensor itself? how wide does it detect?

I have 2 of these switches installed. Will be trying this out now.
Thank you very much.

How well do those switches work? And are there 2 addressable endpoints, one for the motion and one for the switch?

It comes up as one device, but with this DH you can set parameters for motion and switch. In comparison to the other GE switches, this one feels more solid, with a nicer touch. The clicky mechanism is slightly different - better imo.

Are you saying that you can not use the motions as a device in ST? That would really blow.

That is not correct. This device handler exposes the motion sensor and the switch to smartthings. Additionally you can set the modes remotely for occupancy and vacancy if you would like.

Excellent progress so far, testing now. Just to clarify - from what you’re seeing the illuminance sensor is not able to be isolated as it’s own device (to include in lighting automations)? Are you able to determine if there is a way to “fine-tune” the illuminance sensor for varied lighting conditions (as opposed to merely “bright/dim”)? Cheers!

I do get an error when i click on config on the app. Android phone

error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toInteger() on null object @ line 305

i do not think the isolated motion sensor is working(?).

I have a piston that is set to fire between 5am to 8am when motion is detected and if true will change my location to HOME.

as you can see on the pic on the right, the motion sensor got activated but on the piston which uses the “isolated” motion sensor did not fire.

couple questions, did you set all the settings for the device in the app before pressing configure? also did you copy the full code? I think the error you are getting should be on another line, not 305.