[OBSOLETE][[DEPRECIATED] Jasco/GE Motion Dimmer Switch 26933

did you actually set the piston to do an action? if you look at the recently on the log, motion stopped at 05:19 as well. These only show motion active for a very short time.

I did not change any settings except for the timeout duration which I set to one(1) minute. what is the proper way of changing settings via the smartapp? change values then press configure?

as the code does not have a regular link that I am usually accustomed to, I think I tried to copy the whole code the best I can. I just try to set the cursor from the beginning of the code up the end. is there a better way to copy it?

you lost me on this one… sorry. im not sure im understanding this…

its set to change my LOCATION MODE from ASLEEP to HOME.

wife does not want light on for more than a minute if there is no activity. but I can try and adjust it to see if its really to short of a time. lol

thank you for looking into this.

Ok, the error was related to me not setting the values under the gear icon.
After i set that the above error message doesn’t show up after i press the config button.

Thank you

@macombweare I apologize I should get better at quoting what i’m replying to. I am newer to actually participating in the forums, was only reading before. Some of the replies were intended for someone else.

@amb25s I just edited the device handler to fix this. Previously I was expecting that all the values in the settings menu would be set. If one or more was empty or null, this would not allow the settings to be sent. Now you can change only the settings you want to alter.

Also did you copy the whole code? your error is on a line I was not expecting.

@macombweare the motion detected is only active for a short time (20 sec or so), if you look at your recently tab for your kitchen hallway the motion stopped at 5:19. The timeout value you set to 1 minute is strictly for the vacancy setting for the light NOT the motion sensor.

With that said the CoRE piston may have fired before you took the screenshot even though that was also at 5:19. I have several of these that are working with various CoRE pistons currently. Can you watch your CoRE dashboard while you trip the motion to see if that triggers true?

Please update the device handler you probably have a similar issue as @amb25s since you only set one of the settings.

I did a fair amount of work last night on this.

  • Added back in the dimmer ramp rates ( did not see these in the documentation, but they appear to work)
  • Gave options a better description
  • Settings are now handled when the settings menu is updated. (Configure button removed)
  • All of the switches current settings are retreived from the switch and shown in the recently tab when any item is updated (for verification).
  • Toggling the mode is now a tile
  • Toggling the mode can be done from CoRE.

Toggling the operating mode (occupancy/vacancy) to CoRE:
This makes it possible to have it utilize the occupancy mode during the day, and not at night. Or occupancy during normal conditions, but manual during a movie mode… etc etc. There is a toggleMode, toggleModeNumber and toggleModeName function. Parameters are either a number or string depending on the function, 1/Manual 2/Vacancy 3/Occupancy.

If someone wants to let me know how this works for them, I’ll update the original post with this newer copy.

Edited: newest version in initial post


Thank you for putting this together. I tested and the updating setting all show up in the “Recent Activity”, however I am not getting any motion events.

I’m not really sure why motion works for some, but not others. However after @aruffell 's post for the motion on/off switch I’m wondering if it is due to the device not being paired secure.

@brianpollard @Nhaley Do you know if your devices were pair securely? As of right now I think the only way to know that is if you watched the livelogging as they were being paired. Another clue is what device type did they initially show up as when they paired in the mobile app?

You are probably on to something, but here’s how little help I am: I had no
idea there was such a thing as secure pairing.

How does one securely pair? As far as the original dth, I had it listed in
an old post but I’ll have to dig it up :slight_smile:

I’m away from home now but I can try to remedy when I get home…

To see if a device was paired securely, I believe you can simply look at the device on the IDE. The raw descriptions has an L or Ls at the very beginning. It is my understanding that L is non secure and Ls is secure.

Mine right now:

zw:L type:1001 mfr:0063 prod:494D model:3032 ver:5.28 zwv:4.05 lib:03 cc:5E,72,5A,73,27,25,2B,2C,70,86,71,60,8E,85,59,7A,56 role:05 ff:8700 ui:8700 ep:[‘1001 5E,59,25,20’, ‘0701 5E,59,71’]

As far as secure pairing, I thought it just paired or it didnt. However @aruffell seems to have it in a fall back pairing mode of sorts.

I think the original device type might shed light on the pairing method. In the IDE, you can check the device, the original device type should be the Name.

I have 2 of these motion dimmer switches both use this handler. One is reporting motion one is not. I do have different settings on them, so it maybe related to a setting on the switch. I’ve double checked to ensure that motion detection is turned on for each switch. I’ll play around with the settings on the switch that is not detection motion to see if its related to that and post my findings.

Your situation may be very helpful in figuring out why it isn’t working for some, but is for others. Can you also check the Raw Description for your 2 devices as well as what they initially paired as Name? These can be found in the IDE on the device description page.

Looks like it was a generic zwave multichannel device or similar naming:

So this is what i found, I played with the settings, and that didn’t seem to change anything. So I clicked on the Replace button at the bottom of the config screen. It ran for a while, i see that it timed out in the logs. But it removed the device from the network and i had to rejoin it. Everything started working fine again. So my suggestion to anyone playing around with the device handlers and notice things not responding is to remove the device and add it again. Especially if you don’t see any errors in the logs.

Hope that helps.

Awesome, the first time I paired the dimmer showed as a “Fibaro Dimmer”. After removing and repairing it shows up as a “Z-Wave Device Multichannel” device. Best part, after changing the device type to @mlebaugh’s latest “GE Motion Dimmer Switch 26933” I am getting motion events.

Off to work but I will continue testing on my other 26933 dimmers later tonight. @amb25s, thank you for the great suggestion to repair.

The newest version for the dimmer is in the initial post.

I added the zwave fingerprint and I also able to add button push events for the device thanks to the work for the regular GE plus switches that @nuttytree has done over here. I plan to try to merge in the association groups as in the other device handler soon.

Edited: motion reports only work when NOT associated with group 2 and 3

Btw, I think whether or not you get motion events has to do with the associations on the device – not sure if it’s related to secure pairing or not.

Using the Z-wave Tweaker DTH, when I print an association report after doing an association scan, I see this on one of my working motion switches:

Association Group #0: [id:0, maxNodesSupported:0, nodes:[]]
Association Group #1: [id:1, maxNodesSupported:5, multiChannel:true, name:Lifeline, nodes:[01]]
Association Group #2: [id:2, maxNodesSupported:5, multiChannel:true, name:Basic set, nodes:[]]
Association Group #3: [id:3, maxNodesSupported:5, multiChannel:true, name:Basic set, nodes:[]]

(notice that #2 and #3 are NOT associated with node 01, eg the hub)

And I see this on the non-motion reporting switch:

Association Group #0: [id:0, nodes:[]]
Association Group #1: [id:1, maxNodesSupported:5, multiChannel:true, name:Lifeline, nodes:[01]]
Association Group #2: [id:2, maxNodesSupported:5, multiChannel:true, name:Basic set, nodes:[01]]
Association Group #3: [id:3, maxNodesSupported:5, multiChannel:true, name:Basic set, nodes:[01]]

I believe you are correct. I noticed the same thing after looking at the dth for the other plus switches. I updated the version last night to associate with group 3, will also ensure they are in group 2 as well based on what you have here.

Strangely, I may have had the results backwards – that it only works when there is no association. Testing…

Ok – I was able to get motion reports working by removing association groups #2 and #3, and then power cycling the switch via the air-gap toggle on the front of the switch.

Here’s the code I used (this was run ad-hoc, not properly integrated in to the DTH):

// Make sure lifeline is associated - was missing on a dimmer:
sendHubCommand(new physicalgraph.device.HubAction(zwave.associationV1.associationSet(groupingIdentifier:1, nodeId:zwaveHubNodeId).format()))

// Make sure 2 and 3 are not associated:
sendHubCommand(new physicalgraph.device.HubAction(zwave.associationV1.associationRemove(groupingIdentifier:2, nodeId:zwaveHubNodeId).format()))
sendHubCommand(new physicalgraph.device.HubAction(zwave.associationV1.associationRemove(groupingIdentifier:3, nodeId:zwaveHubNodeId).format()))
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