GE/Jaco Motion Dimmer Switch (GE 26933) Not working in Samsung Connect

I’m just installed the GE/Jaco Motion Dimmer Switch (GE 26933) -
The switch along with the DTH from mlebaugh ([DEPRECIATED] Jasco/GE Motion Dimmer Switch 26933) works well in the SmartThings Classic app.
BUT… in the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app I alwasy get the error “Can’t Connect to device Check device and try again”. This only happens in the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app. Any ideas how to fix this?

No custom code works in the new SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app at this point. It is best to use the SmartThings Classic app.

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Any reason you’re using a deprecated device handler?

Thanks for the heads up. But, the custome code doesn’t seem to be the issue. SmartThings (Samsung Connect) always gives “Can’t Connect to device Check device and try again” even without the updated DTH setup. The SmartThings Classic app works with and without the updated DTH.

which standard device handler are you using it with when you try the new app?

The Deprecated one was just the first one I tried. I’ve updated to the latests one ( but contune to have the same results.

It auto selected as “Z-Wave Device Multichannel” when first adding it. I did a full reset of the Motion Dimmer Switch, delated it from the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app, and re-added using SmartThings (Samsung Connect). It auto finds it as “Z-Wave Device Multichannel” and allowes me to rename it. But when clicking on it after (re)adding I get the error “Can’t Connect to device Check device and try again”.

There is as of yet no official support for that particular model with the new app. You can write to support about it, but multi channel devices are in general not working well even with the stock handler. And no custom device type handlers are working with the new app yet.

Here are the GE devices which are officially compatible at this time:

If you want to use the motion sensor model, you’ll have to use SmartThings classic for awhile yet.

Thanks for the help JDRoberts. Looks like another reasons not to use the new app. Hopefully they implement multi-channel devices and updated device handlers before discontinuing the classic app.

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Kind of sad that it is FEBRUARY 2020 and I experienced the EXACT same thing as Davy1 after having this same “SmartThings Compatible” switch installed today.

I see that there is a thread for a custom device handler in the CLASSIC app which we are supposed to be migrating away from…

I reached out to Jasco tech support to see why it’s nearly two years later and their product still isn’t supported fully.