[OBSOLETE] Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen 5 composite DTH

I purchased one. could not get it for the life of me to connect to my st hub.
aeon tech support said lots of people having issues and smart things wouldn’t help.
ordered a replacement just to make sure it was my device.
replacement synced right up.
using these dht’s is perfect thanks!
totally happy now!

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Could not roll back Hibernate transaction; nested exception is org.hibernate.TransactionException: JDBC rollback failed

Getting this error when trying to save and publish the DH…

What stupid mistake am I doing??

Hi, thanks in advance its amazing what you’ve done here everything seems to work fine but I get "Sync incomplete each time I have the US Gen 5 2 clam version, zw:L type:3101 mfr:0086 prod:0002 model:001C ver:1.17 zwv:3.67 lib:03 cc:70,32,60,85,56,72,86 epc:2 ep:[‘3101 32’] What can I do?

Issue is it included in insecure mode. “zw:L”. you need it to exclude it and include again in secure mode "zw:Ls"by pressing the button twice,

This DTH is amazing.

My only issue right now is that there is no data being logged since I switched from the stock DTH to this new DTH. My last event entry was from yesterday so I have no idea what energy usage is happening without staring at the actual device screen in the app. What do I need to do in order to get that data logged to the IDE? I tried turning on “logging” in the settings, but nothing changed and I am concerned that will generate too much chatter in the IDE. This is my last entry in the event list:

Also - how in the world can I extract that energy usage data? IFTTT doesn’t show this device to setup a spreadsheet dump, and there aren’t any SmartApps that I can find.

Any ideas?

I agree it a shame there is nothing logged under “Recently”. The solve this I use the Simple Event Logger to expert data to google sheets. IMO it works really well.

OK - my Home Energy Meter is showing status “HUB_DISCONNECTED” in the IDE. What does that mean?

OK - I set this up and it works great. However, since there is no logging in “recently” there is no current data populating in the spreadsheet. Does anyone know why my meter is not logging any data? The IDE is also blank from the time I switched the DTH from the stock handler to the @ClassicGOD one.

If you want to see events in app and IDE just change displayed: false to displayed: true in lines 312 and 317 of the main DTH code. Just a warning - this device can generate a LOT of data - there was a reason i disabled this.


Wow fast response!!!

I really just want to be able to capture the voltage, amperes and watts in real time and dump them into a spreadsheet. The stock DTH does not have all of these. Is there a happy medium between the two? (no data and copious data)?

All depends on how often you configure the meter to report - mine was set to report W for 3 clamps and summary reading every 15s, V every minute, kWh every 5 minutes - it’s a ton of data :slight_smile:

reboot the hub and that should go away

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thank you for the DTH, really useful. I’ve run into an issue that probably needs to be related to my setup. I’ve setup each clamp into different phases of my installation but I’ve connected all the with L and N. As a results, current is measured properly but V, W and kWh is not. what do you think I am doing wrong?


Brilliant DTH thanks classicGOD !!! No errors so far, but any idea what takes the time when it is sync’ing? I was worried at first it was broken but then I just waited - can take a couple of minutes.

Is there anyway to add a variable to the reading on a child device? My solar feed has 2 lines coming out of it and the generation is split evenly between them. Rather than using both clamps just to measure the Solar output I want to just multiply the value by 2.

Great app, but I am having problems with one small thing. I am sending the data to Grovestreams, but the HEM only sends updates to Grovestream when you push the refresh button. Is there any way to get the HEM to send the data every minute or so? I am only looking to send watts, not the large amount of data that gets sent when you change reporting to “true” on lines 312 and 317.

@Ernie_Sharp You can setup a pollster instance to refresh it

Excuse my ignorance but i cannot get this DH working. It is in my list of device handles in the classic app and it says published. In the IDE I see zw:Ls.
When i go into the classic app and view right now all I see is the stock report allowing me to reset and configure. When i click on configure nothing happens. I see nothing like what others show for the different graphs, etc.

I am sure it is a problem with the loose nut behind the wheel

I successfully added a DH for a Zooz 4 in 1 sensor months ago but i cant get this DH working.
Thanks and again I apologize for my ignorance.

@ClassicGOD Thanks for this DTH! It is the first custom DT and SA I have installed in my ST system. It was a breeze and you should be commended on how much better this is than what is provided by the manufacturer. I’ve only been using it, but am getting the “Sync” issue, so hopefully that will go away with some time.

However, for some reason my child devices don’t seem to be reporting Wattage. Any thoughts?

Raw Description zw:Ls type:3101 mfr:0086 prod:0102 model:005F ver:1.35 zwv:4.54 lib:03 cc:5E,86,72,98,56 ccOut:5A sec:86,72,32,56,60,8E,70,59,85,7A,73,5A role:05 ff:9000 ui:9000 epc:2 ep:[‘9000 5E,32,59’]
Current States * energy: 1.093 kWh

How come my Clamp 3 says -0.200A and is measuring negative kwh, not showing Watts.? It is not turned the wrong way, since its the same as the other clamps?