Power Monitor Recommendations

Confused on Aoen V1 and V2, looking for real time updates, kwh, and amps with easy integration. I have outlet and Nema box attatched to panel ready for a device. The home came with Schnieder Wise zigbee monitor but no hub something KB homes does. So need some help with a smartthings compatible device.

Is there currently a affordable power meter that works automatically with smartthings, tracking amps, kwh with a monthly and real time reporting?
Thanks in advance

Get a Sense. Seriously, well worth it.

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Wow kinda pricey, does it work with smartthings?

I have a bunch of these… currently on sale… They work fine with ST.

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Awesome I just ordered One thank you again. I can do the math conversion for amps if i really need it. The price is just amazing.

This device handler will allow you to treat each clamp as a separate device. I think it is in beta right now but looks like they got it working properly. It has amps I believe.