Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen5, Z-Wave Plus electricity use monitor

Anyone using this device and like it? Does Smartthings have a way to adjust price per kw/hr? Is it possible to know what appliances are consuming what electricity somehow?

Installed the 3 clamp 100AMP version of this last weekend. You can see readings for Volts, AMPs, Watts and Kwh overall and per clamp. there is no capability in the current DTH to do any pricing calculations. The DTH is compatible with Webcore, so perhaps you could write a piston to do some calculation?

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I’ve searched the community and some questions remains unanswered. I’m using the Aeotec home energy meter gen5 along with my v3 hub. I’m recording the watt values every minute using the Simple Event Logger (in fact, the data is recorded every minute and the logger write every 10 minutes in the google sheet).

However, it seems that once a week, the Simple Event Logger start having a ‘backlog’ of data to record due to the large amount of data and the google sheet is like 2 days late. If I stop the watt recording, the logger catch-up the backlog after a couple of hours. I’ve cleaned up all the data I don’t need and the remaining does not seems to large. (I’m only monitoring the watt value of the ‘main device handler’, not the 2 clamps, not the kwh)

Anyway the question is : Is there any other way to record the HEM data somewhere ? Could be something else than the Simple Event Logger.

Since SmartThings is heading to the new API, I was looking for some kind of API that can record into my personal AWS environment. I don’t have a dedicated PC (always on) that can record the data. I need something in the cloud.

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re : Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen5, Z-Wave Plus electricity use monitor

That’s an old post, but here is what I currently do (despite my limitations, see my recent post down below).

I’m logging everything with Simple Event Logger (into a google spreadsheet). From the data into the spreadsheet, you can add calculations / formula depending on your pricing scheme. I’m also using 2 Multipurpose sensors I use to monitor the appliances. Ie, I have 1 sensor on my HVAC system so every time the machine start, the vibration is detected. I can then match the vibration period with the power peaks. It’s difficult for some stuff like my water tank heater, but for now, I can at least get the major contributors to my electricity bill (hvac, pool pump, water tank, microwave, oven).

I guess you’d figured it out since april 2018 !