oAuth production strategy returning "Unexpected server error"


We have 3 client ids for 3 different versions of our web app (one testing, one local development and one production).

Our clients connect their Samsung accounts using oAuth. We have set up different client_id and client_secrets for each app.

We’ve been live with our Samsung integration for more than 5 months now and didn’t have any issues. But today we’ve discovered that our production environment stopped allowing users to connect their Samsung accounts. The 2 others still work fine. nothing has been changed on our side.

We’ve found in the log that, when logging in, people are correctly directed to the Samsung website, they choose their hub location but, Samsung calls back our callback production url with an error param and an error_descripton being “Unexpected server error”.

We’ve triple checked and nothing has changed on our side. Since it’s Samsung calling us back with those params, I presume the error is not on our side.

We’ve generated a new client_id and secret on our test environment, but we’ve found out that existing connected users now break and they have to be reconnected, so I’m not inclined to try this on production as it would break more than 100 customers’ integration.

Would anyone have any pointers? I’ve seen other messages with something vaguely similar, but I was hoping that we could get some support from Samsung to understand what’s going wrong and allow us to find a solution without having to ask to every client to reconnect their integration.

Any help would be very much welcome.

Hello, @Amba.

We need more information to report this issue, so please, send the following information to build@smartthings.com

  • App ID of the production project (the one with the error). It is shown in the Developer Workspace
  • If only some users are experiencing this issue, please share their emails so the team can check the logs based on their ID

As we’ll be discussing private details of your integration, we’ll continue the support there.

Thanks a lot, I’m going to send all these details now via email.

Kind regards