Issues with oauth callback

I have been working on building a smartthings schema connected cloud service and have bumped into some issues with the oauth flow on the smartthings side.

I have set up an API and machine application (oauth client) in auth0 and have used these details to fill in the required details on the smartthings config side. I’ve enabled developer mode on my smartthings app and can successfully initiate the device connection. I am taken through the beginning of the oauth flow where I log in and then get redirected to the c2c callback endpoint where it fails.

The error I get is “Couldn’t link account.” and an accompanying error code which seems more like a request ID (example: 25IJ24).

I can see that the authorization code is successfully exchanged from the auth0 logs (and the code is present in the query parameters of the callback endpoint) so it seems that something is going wrong in the token creation part. I do not see any failed requests in the auth0 logs.

This is very reproducible for me so if anyone is able to use those error codes to look at something on the smartthings side i’d really appreciate the help.

Please let me know if there are any other questions or info you need. Thanks!

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Hi @joesnell

I will check it, but for more context Did your connector show some errors or logs? or Did the request never arrive?

No there were no requests sent to the connector. The flow consistently fails in the SmartThings app when I am trying to add the device (it fails at the oauth callback).

Mmm, I think the error is between the SmarThings Cloud and your Implementation, please send an email to, with the error code.