Authentication Issue

Can anyone help with this? We have been trying to get this resolved with the Developer Support Team since October 9th, 2019, with no success! The issues are as follows:

I will list out the steps that we have followed, and explain the step at which we get the error.

Step 1. Send authorization request. Works fine
Step 2: Click on the sign in on the web page displayed. Works fine
Step 3: Login. Works fine
Step 4: Select the address to authorize. Works fine
Step 5: Click on authorize. On this step we expect the response code appended to the redirect URL.

Step 5 is not working.
We get the error:

Then on Oct 22, 2019, we get a message after repeated attempts to get a response from the Dev Support Team, and I quote “Development team keeps checking for internal issues that may be generating this problem.”

Then on Oct 28th, 2019:

We need a little update from your side to be able to better track your problems.

  1. Do you still receive this 302 status code in your logs? Please, describe action before it triggers?
  2. Do you still receive the message “This request is malformed” ? Please, describe actions before error triggers.
  3. About the “Unexpected server error” log, do you still receiving such message? Please, describe actions before error triggers.
  4. If you could give us a low-level code description about your error handlers would be great to improve our research.

And we respond:

Yes, we are facing this issue now as well.

The first step is sending authorization request. Works fine

Once we do this SmartThings web page loads up and we have no code running at that point. The only code that we have is to parse the response and we get malformed URL error.


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I wonder if this is related to an error I am getting in Home Assistant when I try to use an authentication token to connect HA to ST?

Hello, check at your endpoint oauth/authorize/ request’ the missing scopes.